New Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle is Live

The folks at Humble Bundle are back again with another great deal. This time around they’re letting you set the price on Frozen Synapse, a game that normally costs $25. You will also receive the Frozen Synapse soundtrack.

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Prophet-Gamer2309d ago

Guys, at least pay 5 bucks for it, don't be like some people who just pay like a cent, that's just low. Support the cause!

SlaytanicBacon2309d ago

You need to pay a minimum amount to get all 5 games, so if you pay a cent you wont get so much

arcsoft2309d ago

I don't know about the other payment methods but Amazon Payments won't let you pay 1 cent.

RankFTW2309d ago

All the games can be downloaded through Steam, wooot.

MorbidPorpoise2308d ago

Worth the minimum price for the pack just for Trine.

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