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Submitted by Stunt 1593d ago | news

No major Mass Effect 3 announcement this week

There will be no big Mass Effect 3 announcement this week, BioWare has said. (Mass Effect 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

pangitkqb  +   1593d ago is this news? ;)

This just in: Cumulative Sense of humor rising!
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Stunt  +   1593d ago
Because it contradicts this:
Controversy  +   1593d ago
Breaking News: Mario is STILL a Nintendo Character.
MagicAccent  +   1593d ago
Our top story tonight:
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TheColbertinator  +   1593d ago
In other news,Square Enix has no major announcement on FFXIII-2 this week.
PrivateRyan  +   1593d ago
There is no Grand Theft Auto V announcement this week
PixL  +   1593d ago
In other news, Kurt Cobain is still dead.
Agent Smith  +   1593d ago
You lie. I saw him at Mickey D's yesterday.
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Angrymorgan  +   1593d ago
Lol. An announcement to announce no announcements lololol
Drekken  +   1593d ago
No major Battle Toads announcement this week.
SageHonor  +   1593d ago
I wonder if that was soe kind of HYPE tactic.
Lord_Sloth  +   1593d ago

I don't get how you're so desperate to talk about Mass Effect that you make an article on having nothing to talk about.
No_Pantaloons  +   1593d ago
This should not have been approved.
Pikajew  +   1593d ago
In other news we get more Skyward Sword news
zero_cool  +   1593d ago
They should port the first game to PS3!
outwar6010  +   1593d ago
An announcement to announce no announcement WTH!
TheOtherTheoG  +   1593d ago
It's technically an announcement that there is no announcement in reply to an announcement of an announcement that wasn't an announcement. Yeah, it makes so much sense.
outwar6010  +   1593d ago

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