"Crysis is the Nail in DirectX10's Coffin"

During his review of Crysis on PC, Gameplayer writer Ben Mansill goes into detail about the difference in playing the game between DX9 and DX10 - as you can tell from the quote, it's not great news.

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KINGDRAMA4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

HAHA ........(no comment)

Marceles4042d ago

Crysis is a hundred bucks in AU??

rofldings4042d ago

100 Australian dollars, yes.

FordGTGuy4042d ago

can't even run it on full effects w/ DX10 yet his trying to compare?

NRG4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

I doubt it. It's been proven that there's no huge differences between DX10 and DX9 in visual fidelity. It's mainly slightly different lighting, including light beams, and atmospheric effects in Crysis' case. All of which you can enable with some tweaking of the game files in XP. Despite this, Crytek still claims for the absolute best graphics, you still need DX10. According the Tweakguides however, this is pretty much just slightly better blur effects. The differences pretty much negligible.

jackdoe4042d ago

Pretty negative review for a 10/10.

AngryTypingGuy4042d ago

That's what I was thinking. Shouldn't a 10/10 review have no complaints?

Rooted_Dust4041d ago

He's complaining about DX10, not Crysis.

gw4k4042d ago

Yes, I have Crysis and you know what, I thought I had a computer that would handled very nicely! But since I am running Vista, this has proven to be very wrong.

My current setup is very nice to say the least.

Custom built,

2g ram
500g hd
TWO 8800gts 640mb cards
Dual monitor set up, but under sli, one 22" Chimei monitor.

This game may be something sweet under XP, but under Vista, it is almost pointless to run it. If you are anything like me, graphics mean everything. I don't want to play this game if it is going to look....just ok!

I have been able to play the game on high settings at 1440 x something something.

It plays fairly at this level, of course with no AA on! Turn this on and it will chug!

I have seriously thought about dual booting xp so I can run this game nicely.

Vista is not a gaming OS, not now anyways! Once there is hardware about 2x better than what is out now, the games will be able to reach the same level of performance that XP gives us.

This really is a bummer though. I like Vista, as I use it on my desktops, my laptops and so on. It is not for gamers but for people who are running less demanding apps.

As for the Game of Crysis, what I have played is freaking awesome! Shooting down trees is a blast! There are a lot of touches that I love about this game.

The Koren fighter jets flying around, the nice touches that really make this shine. Turn on the strength and punch a wall down. The physics are awesome. Blow up a building and the building will fall. Knock down the walls and the build will collapse! Freaking awesome.

The Story is pretty darn awesome as well. I am only a few levels in right now but I fell like I am playing a game of Predator (Arnold = Freaking awesome)!

Just one mans opinion. I may have to pop in another drive and do some dual booting!

Bolts4042d ago

Crysis run much better under XP and DX9, you'll miss out on some effects but the differences are rather minor. In other words DX10 isn't worth the trouble with DX9 stilllooking totally awesome with great performance to boot.

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The story is too old to be commented.