gamrTV Weekly - Quality vs. Quantity: The Limits of Physical Media

This week on gamrTV Weekly: Deus Ex DLC, Diablo III, and Star Wars: The Old Republic are in the news. Reviews of Disgaea 4, F1 2011, Kirby: Mass Attack, and Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. Finally, VGChartz Editor-in-Chief, Chris M. Arnone, talks about the compromise in modern gaming between quantity and quality and how physical media limitations play into that debate.

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naznatips2266d ago

I used to be a physical only guy till a few years ago when I got addicted to Steam. Now I honestly prefer digital. It's just so convenient, and so cheap.

ATi_Elite2266d ago

plus with Steam you can ALWAYS burn your games to media if you choose!

kcuthbertson2266d ago

Are you serious? You can really do that?

badz1492266d ago

U still pay full price for most new games. Better off have the physical copy if you're paying the same IMO. And many gamers still don't have the Internet speed fast enough to download games. I download games from steam too and took me 1 whole day at the quickest to fully download 1 game. Last one I did was the free TF2 and now with me having to format my pc due to a major problem, I have to download things all over again, which I don't really keen on doing. Physical copy would be handy in situation like this.

What I'm trying to say is, it's just not applicable to everybody just yet. Plus, blurry has at least 50GB available for dev's use.

bmw692266d ago

Another great episode...

Torillian2266d ago

I think a big reason that a lot of those games you mention are shorter is because of the cost of development particularly on the side of visuals, and I doubt going to digital will change that much. Sure there are some times where the physical media is what holds the developers back from including some content, but I think much more often it's just the cost of it that makes a 15 hour game 15 hours

Spectator12266d ago

E3 t-shirt?! That was ages ago :P

bmw692266d ago

He can wear old shirts surely?!

Kantor2266d ago

I don't even buy PC games at retail any more, now that Steam exists.

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