Monster Hunter? Sony Doesn't Need No Stinking Monster Hunter

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Earlier this month, Capcom made the bold decision to bring Monster Hunter 4 to Nintendo's 3DS instead of Sony's PlayStation Vita. This, despite the company's success on PSP, with well over ten million portable Monster Hunter games sold.

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sloth33952268d ago

they are going to who ever gives them the most money and that was nintendo paying

smashcrashbash2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Just because Nintendo paid them money for a Monster Hunter doesn't mean that the VITA won't get a MH game of their own. Why is that so hard to understand? Nintendo has never paid for exclusivity for anything, why should they start now?

Capcom is one of the most greedy of the third party developers. If anyone thinks for one second that they would pass up putting MH on the VITA after it made them a mint on the PSP, then you obviously haven't been living on this earth long. Has either Sony or Capcom conformed that a MH game will never come to the VITA? Nope.

SpitTake2267d ago

what makes you think nintendo payed for MH on the 3ds

disturbing_flame2267d ago

Then the smartest move for Capcom is to release MH for Vita too.

ABizzel12267d ago

Japan seems to have lost touch with reality this gen. The things they're doing over there make absolutely no kind of sense.

Monster Hunter has sold extremely well on the PSP in Japan, so why risk changing that by moving over to the 3DS, which has still yet to prove itself. I would understand if they had did this originally with the DS, but not 3DS.

Unfortunately, Monster Hunter is a big deal in Japan, and a MH at launch for the Vita would have sealed it's fate Day 1 for success, but regardless I expect the Vita to do well without it.

As far as Japan goes Kojima Productions, Sega (specifically Platinum games), and Cyber Connect are the only ones doing Japanese gaming right. Oh and the Demon's Souls guys, as far as action gaming goes.

I've yet to see a AAA JRPG come out of Japan, might as well let some other country take over JRPG's for now, since Japan isn't doing it.

Simon_Brezhnev2267d ago

Yeah and i think the second God Eater will do well for Sony too.

--Onilink--2267d ago


Your point would be exactly the same for the Vita, you say the 3DS has yet to prove itself, yet by the time the game comes out it will have a much more established base. The Vita isnt even out yet and you act as it has already proved itself just because MH games sold well on the PSP. For all we know the Vita could come out and the PSP still outsell it, god knows Japan has become weirder when it comes to buying consoles in the recent years

ABizzel12266d ago

@ Onilink

The Vita hasn't proven itself, but MH performing well on a PlayStation handheld has.

As will all Nintendo consoles, generally Nintendo franchises are the ones that sell, while everyone else have to get in where they can. Monster Hunter on the PSP had no problem selling, because that same amount of competition wasn't there, but going to the 3DS is going to be problematic, where the Vita would have been a breeze.

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Ultr2268d ago

Even though I enjoyed playing monster hunter on the psp.

Sony does not need a MH to succeed with the vita!

supremacy2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Sony just need to cater each market, though monster hunter would make that easy for them in japan. I feel all they really need is a good variety of rpgs and other types of games.

Then out in the west, just have a good portion of action games,sports and shooters and they should be fine.

Europe seems attracted to racing games and puzzle games among other types.

So again all they really need is to simply cater to each market and they will be fine with or without monster hunter.

jairusmonillas2268d ago

I fully agree, Sony was successful with PS1 and PS2 without the help of MH, even if PSP never had MH, PSP still have a good library of games, besides MH is only great for japanese gamers.

And it's not like Vita will not be getting games like MH, Vita will already be having Ragnarok Odyssey and The game from Square.

tarbis2268d ago

Crapcom is going the same stupid route Bamco did with Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Graces by putting Monster Hunter on 3DS.
If they think for 1 second that the MH fans is gonna leave their comfort zone which is the PSP and go buy a 3DS and it's horrible excuse for a 2nd analog stick of a contraption which does not even comes with the MH game. They're terribly wrong. They'll be in for a nightmarish awakening when they see their game flop and is being widely ignored by the casual dominant demographic of the 3DS.

--Onilink--2267d ago

who says the Slide pad doesnt come with MH?? they even showed pictures of the diferent bundles of MH3 which does include it, or you can buy it separately.

And i suppose you mean that even the 3DS with the Slide pad or just 1 analog would never make PSP fans leave their "confort zone"....then again, im pretty sure the PSP doesnt have 2 analog sticks..... so please enlighten me on how would that "confort zone" be any diferent....

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