Nintendo Fail To Plan For Christmas Demand

"With just 39 shopping days left until Christmas many have been frustrated to find that they are unable to get hold of a Nintendo Wii. Shoppers in the UK are left reeling at the thought that they won't be able to get a console this side of Christmas.

Shops are trying their hardest to get more stock ahead of the Christmas rush but it seems the Wii manufacturers didn't account for such a huge demand". -Huliq

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Darkiewonder4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

lol. Thank god I have my systems.

Speaking of this matter of shortages. Maybe i'll get another wii and sell it for triple the price or more. MAN! Let me go snatch one up during that amazon special ;o

Relientk774048d ago

Nintendo's Wii shortage is ridiculous they should just make more systems

PS360WII4048d ago

They are already making 1.8 million per month. That's quite a lot already.

wiizy4048d ago

the other systems wish they had that problem

bootsielon4048d ago

How is it that Nintendo managed to overproduce cutting edge technology like the gamecube (for its time), and yet they can't manage to make enough junk like the Wii? It's last gen, it shouldn't be that hard. Hell, if Sony and even Microsoft were that inefficient, they wouldn't have reached a million consoles each, considering how cutting edge those two are. That's assuming of course that Nintendo is not doing it on purpose and that they're idiots, which I doubt. It's more likely that they want people to think that the Wii is actually sold out given that it's in high demand. OR, maybe Wii's would become more expensive if Nintendo had to make another Wii plant to produce them and that's why they prefer the current level of offer-demand ratio; which is kind of wrong if people want to enjoy it (whatever there is to enjoy from that gimmick) since Nintendo could make more, and it's their job, but they just don't give a sh1t.

akaFullMetal4048d ago

yea, i dont really see how there is a huge problem of them producing more, its been a year, and the whole time they havent been able to meet demand, cmon, after a year they should of opened up a few more plants

rbanke4048d ago

@4.1 Look at hot fad products from the past.
Lets take 'Tickle me Elmo'. It was the hotest thing around and everyone HAD to have one. It took about 8 months before you could find one on a store shelf (even after christmas). Guess what happend when it wasnt hard to find anymore? People stopped wanting them. An allready popular item being 'impossible' to find makes people want it that much more. Whatever the actual reason for the wii 'shortage' is, Nintendo is benefiting from it because they are riding the line of its demand. I would venture to say if they could wave a magic wand and there would be no more shortage, after a month of higher than normal sales, the wii sales would fall back to about what we see today or less.

alaaji4048d ago

That's how many Wii's that they make a month. 1.8 million and they sell out of them every month compared to the 1 million a month that they were making just a few months ago. You ask why they could make enough of the Gamecube and not enough of the Wii? You might have missed an earlier article posted here concerning this issue but the fact is that they overestimated the demand for Gamecubes and made too many. They had stock sitting in warehouses and on store shelves. They lost money as a result. They didn't want to get burned again and therefore, they are slowly increasing their production rather than dramatically. You will see them gradually increasing production until demand drops. I'm sure the hype helps but as a company you have to look out for the bottom line as well.

ItsDubC4048d ago

I don't seem to remember there ever being a time when motion-sensing components such as those found in the Wii were ever in such high demand.

rbanke4048d ago

@4.4 Its obviously nothing to do with motion controls considering there is no shortages on wii controllers. Go to any walmart and you will have no trouble getting one.

ItsDubC4048d ago

The accelerometers contained within the Wii remotes aren't the only hardware involved in the implementation of motion-sensitive controls, so it's not as obvious as you make it sound. Obviously the Wii console itself must contain electronics to process those signals, and such hardware isn't found in any other console.

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aiphanes4048d ago

Come on people the wii is really just a gamecube with a cool controller...its not even worth $250! You get no DVD or HD playback, and it has last gen sound and graphics...there is not even a digital optical out port! No HDMI, the best video out is component cables...The graphics are at gamecube level and there is no harddrive to save downloadable content to. The best games are Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 and wii sports, oh and that old ass Zelda game that game out last year...

Why are people still fighting to get this console?

Well at least it has wifi, something the Xbox 360 does not have...

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