Best Video Game Voice Actors Of All Time

True talent and experience make the best video game voice actors stand out among the hordes. Anyone who can’t tell the difference between a professional video game voice actor and the programmer’s family needs to get their ears checked immediately. Choosing the best voice actors is no trivial undertaking, but here you can find a list without Nolan North. One trick ponies not allowed.

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NukaCola2367d ago

The entire cast of Heavenly Sword was brilliant. That game has some of the best cinematic cutscenes in gaming. I love Ninja Theory's writers too. Brilliant. Even Enslaved had phenomenal voice acting. That is one thing they do almost perfectly.

Trophywhore2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

No Ray Liotta or Gary Busey from GTA Vice City? Samuel L Jackson and James Woods in San Andreas? What about David Hayter from MGS? Captian Picard in Oblivion? Brian Cox in Killzone 2? Steven Fry in LBP? NOLAN FREAKING NORTH?!

This list needs more than a top 5. 5 doesnt do it justice at all.

Also Terrence Carson has an issue with warming up his voice. At the beginning of every GOW games, he sounds very flat but by the end he sounds really good and theatric. Look at the quote "ZEUS! I bring the end of Olympus" at the end of GOW2 and the beginning of GOW3 for proof.

razielsonofkain2366d ago

David Hayter
Tony Jay
Michael Bell

VaeVictus2366d ago

Simon Templeman hands down is the best voice actor in video games.

Pozzle2366d ago

Simon Templeman is an incredible voice actor. It's such a shame he is so underrated.

e-p-ayeaH2366d ago

there´s alot of underrated actors

majiebeast2366d ago

Lack of Nolan north is disturbing the man has done so much and so many different voice's. Didnt know playing the voices of N.gin(crash) all 3 corrupted cores(portal 2) Sigmund(R&C CIT) were all the same. Think screen junkies should do some research before they call people 1 trick pony's.

starvinbull2366d ago

Quite frankly nobody beats malcolm mcdowell who has more acting credits than probably any other brit ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.