Tecmo Koei's newest Warriors game to feature user-generated content

Tecmo Koei have been good enough for formally announce its newest Warriors project, Warriors Orochi 2 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. For the first time in the series, this game will allow people to create and share levels.

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zeal0us2362d ago

w8 Warriors Orochi 2, haven't that been out for years? Is this old news or just a game mix up?

MattS2362d ago

I think you'll find this is the PS3 remake of Orochi 2, which was a PSP game.

zeal0us2362d ago

So its a remake of the ps3/360? Because I brought this game like two years ago for my 360. Still confuse.

Chrono2362d ago

The first game is called Musō Orochi = Warriors Orochi

The second game is Musō Orochi Maō Sairin = Warriors Orochi 2. Maō Sairin is a subtitle

This game is Musō Orochi 2

Think of it like the Crysis series, where Crysis 2 is the third game not the second

Note that this is not the first time that Koei does this sort of confusion with their English titles. All of the Dynasty Warriors games have a similar issue. It's like this:
Shin Sangoku Musō = Dynasty Warriors 2
Shin Sangoku Musō 2 = Dynasty Warriors 3
And so on.