Wal-mart employee leaks secret PS3+ Blu-ray movies sale

On 11/24 at 8:00am (running through 11:59pm on 11/25), the 80GB PS3 ($499) will come with 10 FREE Blu-ray movies instantly. You choose any 10 BD titles under $30 within the store and they will override the prices to zero. For those stores that carry BD already, additional titles are being sent in for the sale. For those that do not have BD in their store (a small minority) product will be sent to each store specifically for this sale.

Oh, and you still get your 5 FREE movies by mail.


Story has been confirmed. Click on "View Saturday Specials".

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xhi43959d ago

wow 15 free blu-ray movies with five hundred dollar ps3, that is absolutely crazy!

ruibing3959d ago

Damn it, I already have a PS3 or else I would jump on this deal.

unlimited3959d ago

damn!! thats a great deal..i wish i didnt buy the ps3 yet.but good offer to the people who thinking of pickin one up this holiday..i guess blue ray is going to kill hddvd completly next year..

n_n3959d ago

would have been nice to give the launch buyers some discounts at least >:|

oh well, at least i got 2 free with mine... and i don't mind supporting Blu anyway, but damn, that's a serious deal... 15 movies, a game, and a PS3.. serious, dude.

lawman11083959d ago

This wont be that big a deal 1-you will never find 10 movies in store on THAT day for UNDER $30 bucks 2- the movies they offer will be less then AAA+

drewdrakes3959d ago

People always said that when HD DVD did something like this that it was whats up? Both sides are trying to win, so next time HD DVD does something, dont say its desperation, because blu ray is now giving away 15 free movies.

BTW, from the looks of it at the end of this war well be getting 5 dollar high def movies, no matter who wins.

dexterwang3958d ago

crazy deal indeed!!!

I don't have an hdtv so I'm basically one of those statistics the hddvd group love to herald with 0 attach rate... BUT futureshop in canada have crazy buy 1 get 1 free blu ray with over 50 selections, plus disney 2 for 1 blu ray for last week...

Even without an hdtv, my attachment is now 8 blurays!

I'm pretty neutral for the format war, but IT ROCKS SO FAR hehe

solar3958d ago

i might have to buy another ps3 just to try flushing down the toilet to get the free movies :D

QUNE3958d ago

All the Wii and 360 BF Deals you reported as SPAM. Here comes a rumor and you jump all over it because it's PS3. Wow. Practice what you preach for fvcks sake!

Yo Mama3958d ago

I think you're mistaken. I don't care enough about the Wii to even read news stories about it, much less report it. As far as the 360 goes, I don't remember reporting anything as spam. Care to prove me wrong?

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gamesblow3959d ago

I've witnessed Wal-marts blu-ray movie section. I don't think I could even pick 10 out. I'd have to decline no less than all of them and ask for the blu-rays in trade on another item or items. Sorry. Good deal, though... in theory.

ActionBastard3959d ago

Dude, you hate for the sake of hating. Oh, and Q-Bert sucks.

DJ3958d ago

My Walmart kind of has a Blu-ray stand. It's about 3 ft. wide....yeah. Circuit City and Best Buy have MUCH better selections. If they have the sale, cool. But from what I've seen it would only take 2 or 3 PS3 sales to sell out the Blu-ray titles from my local Walmart store.

gamesblow3959d ago

I see I've been disagreed with... That's fine, your walmarts must have better selections than mine. I hardly think that calls for a disagreeing. Unless, of course, you all visited my walmart and seen for yourself... Damn Hypocrites.

Yo Mama3959d ago

I don't disagree with you, but my Walmart has a pretty wide selection. I can understand not all of them do though.

Darkiewonder3959d ago

Until Today. it's pretty small and where they placed it, it's hard for people to take notice of it [because it's not in the movie section but near the game section] O.o

With selection of blu-ray title there, I would only select a few unless they plan to stock it more with movies. but right now? 5 movies max.

UnblessedSoul3959d ago

15 free blu-ray movies omg... why can't this happen in the Uk/Europe :(

Tryst3959d ago

Agreed. Exactly what I was thinking.

The only deal they had in the UK was for the first 500,000 to regiester their PS3 got Casino Royal, and I didn't even qualify for that deal.

gerrard3958d ago

Rip off Britain once again. Why do we always get the worst deal and yet we are charge the most (average £25 per movie) for bluray and Dvd for that matter?

jaja14343959d ago

*sigh* It would be so much greater if you could pick 5 games instead. Not that I don't enjoy movies but if I'm buying a PS3, its for games, not movies. I'm not saying its a bad deal, quite the opposite in fact. It's a great deal, but I wish the PS3 in general would stop trying to sell BR. If I wanted a player I would buy a player, not a player/gaming machine. But I suppose the fact that the best BR player right now is the PS3 does complicate things. Wonder how that makes the other BR players feel?

Antiomo3959d ago

On giving out movies.

Cuz in the end of the day movies hit a larger target market, meaning there is alot more movie watchers than gamers.

jaja14343959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

No I'm quite aware of why they did it. But it doesn't change the fact that I want games with my gaming machine not movies.

Taking into account the so far 3 disagrees I have gotten I can safely assume people or rather fanboys are siding with the movies. Which to me is just a bit odd since this is a gaming site.

So this begs the question, why the hell would you want movies instead of games. I can fully understand people loves of movies, hell I love them too. But to come to a gaming site and want 300, Fifth Element, and so on with your nifty brand new PS3 over say Ratchet and Clack, Heavenly Sword, Resistance, Warhawk, and Uncharted is just the epitome of idiocy. But I will none the less get another 4 or 5 disagrees so I'm not sure why I bother trying to exampling these kind of things.

heehee another disagree. Kind of proves my point. :)