CPG: Dead Island Review

You walk into an opening and see an infected gorging himself on a half eaten corpse. The quiet peaceful view outside of the hut you have been vacationing in has changed dramatically in the past 24 hours. What you once looked on with wonder and awe you now look on with horror. you look down at the plank of wood you have in your hand. Earlier in the day you put some nails in it to hopefully help take care of some of the undead horrors that have taken over the resort that you used to call home. As you run up to the zombie you jump and kick it in the head causing it to fall over and giving you enough time to hit it in the head with your nail plank and end its life... if you can even call it that. Ok, fine all you were doing was sitting at your desk drinking Mountain Dew and eating chips for dinner while playing Dead Island. However, that is what it felt like.

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