US PlayStation Store Update 09/27/11

PlayStation Blog writes: "Hi Everyone –
This week’s PlayStation Store update brings amazing content all around starting with the PSN Exclusive Rochard. Combining amazing action, unique art direction, and an original toolbox of game mechanics to bring something truly original to PSN, you’ll want to make sure you play it yourself, or at least check out the demo. PlayStation Plus subscribers will also be able to snag this IGN recommended title a 20% discount for the first two weeks that Rochard is in the Store".

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skynidas2191d ago

Very nice update. Lots of contents, Rochard looks interesting.

JoGam2191d ago


WildArmed2191d ago

Hell yess :D

Also, yay for all the Uncharted 2 DLC for PS+ folks.

I was just contemplating to buy the DLC or not.

Nitrowolf22191d ago


morganfell2191d ago

For some reason they did not mention it but the Splinter Cell Trilogy is also up on the store. I picked up the retail version this morning. It looks fantastic as it was taken from the PC build. The 3D is nicely implemented.

Diver2190d ago

Gotta agree. The 3D looks sweet in Splinter Cell. Oh looky looky Morg, a phantom disagree by some kiddie that dont own the game.

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gokuss1220022190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

@Diver (and morgan)
Although it wasn't me, I'm pretty sure they disagreed because they DO list the splinter cell trilogy...

edit: pardon me for pressing the wrong "reply"

HeavenlySnipes2191d ago

LOL, there are a lot of angry people waiting for the BF3 beta lol. I didn't buy MOH but PS3 owners are basically getting 36 hours of advance play. Can't wait till the 29th, hopefully the beta runs smoothly.

consolez_FTW2191d ago

Just started the BF3 beta minutes ago.
Can't believe it's finally here!!
Plus being PS+ is awesome. man, such a good update this week!

Szarky2191d ago

Can't wait to hit the B3 beta HARD! when I get home. Who has time for anything else!? da' beta!!!!

BLow2191d ago

75% AND COUNTIN for BF3....

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The story is too old to be commented.