MGS3 Cutscenes Look Awesome in HD Collection

As we got our hands on MGS HD Collection at the EuroGamer Expo, we played Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The HD upgrade has treated an already beautiful looking game incredibly well. Everyone knows cinematics are a key feature in the MGS series and the upgrade to the cutscenes in MGS3 are wonderful!

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just_looken2428d ago

Full screen? Really hmm whats the size of that screen. Oh and look on the right side someone is playing the mountain lvl's booth look very very well done bf3 this is a better deal.

Fanbot2427d ago

even in PS2 SD this cutscene was awesome

crxss2427d ago

My favorite game in the series is definitely MGS3 subsistence, even though every other Mgs is beyond amazing. If mgs3 hd has mgs4 controls then it'd be perfect.

thetorontokid2427d ago

I thought the controls in MGS were just fine, even innovating. CQC, anyone?! I didn't mind using face button as trigger to shoot. It's just been part of the MetalGear world. Definitely the best MGS in my book!

Genki2427d ago

Not surprising, as everything about this game has always looked stellar. My favorite game in the series by a wide margin, would love to pick this up again.

sonicsidewinder2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

Does anyone know if MGS3 runs at 60fps in the HD collection?

MGS2 always did, and while it didn't hamper the 3rd game, you could tell it had to take a frame dip.

That shouldn't be the case now, right?

Ocelot5252427d ago

all games in the collection are 60fps, kojima confirmed this on twatter

sonicsidewinder2427d ago

Nice one, Ocelot. I'll make you a bubble bath.

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