Battlefield 3: PS3 vs Xbox 360 screenshot comparison

The Battlefield 3 beta invites are just starting to be distributed to anyone who was lucky enough to purchase Medel of Honor, and this has given us the perfect chance to get a glimpse at all three formats of the game and how they look.

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StillGray2433d ago

Definitely getting it on the PC.

doctorstrange2433d ago

For the power, PS3 for the mates

lociefer2433d ago

thts one sh1tty comparison

Dante1122433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )


Think "Human Centipede"...

Edit: Anybody still think BF3 will win GOTY after this? XD

Echo3072433d ago

Yeah it is. They're just random screens plucked from both versions. You can't do a proper 'comparison' that way. The article doesn't even specify which is which.


flankhim2433d ago

Hey! They forgot to add pc vs ps3 vs 360 pics! This is all out war.

Boody-Bandit2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

They're not labelled but IMO the odd ones (1,3,5,etc), excluding the first pic of the soldiers around the table, are more bright, vivid and have better shadows. Now all we need is for Gamersmint to say which are which.

How do you approve an a comparison article, lame as they already are, when they don't depict which is which?

SkylineR2433d ago

You can tell which ones are for which platform. Every 2nd screen that has a blue-ish tint to them are Xbox 360.

Personally, I prefer the 360 as it looks a bit sharper. The PS3 looks very soft but doesn't have as many jaggies. I'll have access to both the PS3 and 360 betas so I'll be able to distinguish which looks nicer.

aGameDeveloper2432d ago

Besides the (originally) non-labelled images, and the lack of direct comparisons, the full-size images are not even the same size.


Leviathan2432d ago

This isn't a good comparison.

Brosy2432d ago

This comparison just proves that there isn't much difference(if any) between the 360 and PS3 versions. No one here can tell which is which, because they arent labeled correctly. Nice work Gamersmint you just made a bunch of fanboys look foolish.

Gamer19822432d ago

None of the pics are the same areas and the 360 pics are 1080p and ps3 720p and the game doesnt run in neither natively. So what is this article trying to prove? That 360 runs it in 1080p native? as thats untrue. Or trying to stretch it to make ps3 look better? We already know from Devs PS3 will be slightly better but these screenshots tell us nothing.

JokesOnYou2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Given the comments I assume that the pics originally weren't marked. So excluding the first pic 1, 3, & 5 are from the 360 version,.....hmmmm thats interesting. I guess many wanted to say which looked better but weren't sure which was which lol, thats perfect I think all sites should do this, release screens, take a poll on which gamers prefer and then release the full in depth tech analysis a day later, pffft lmfao....I imagine the first DF or LoT comparisons are going to be on fire on this site.

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dark-hollow2433d ago

i cant believe how bad the consoles version looked compared to the pc version.
i mean it was expected but this is too much!!!

graphics DO matter.
having high res textures and 1080P matters.
triple the amount of online players matters!

i can see NO reason to buy the consoles version (unless to play with your mates) other than that, if you have a decent rig then the pc version is the way to go.

Hufandpuf2433d ago

What are you talking about? Play the game first. The gameplay is amazing, I think it's the best FPS I've ever played in terms of controls and movement. The graphics don't really mean anything unless you want them too. I've playe the beta, and I'm overlooking the fact that the game looks better on PC and when you accept the game for what it is on each console, you'll see that the game is really amazing.

Based on the beta alone it has my vote for goty.

ufo8mycat2433d ago

I am surprised the PC version doesn't look A LOT better. Yes it looks better, but it should be looking a lot better, considering the HW differences, the gfx margin should be bigger.

And no gfx and 1080p do NOT matter. I have palyed the PC and PS3 versions and the only difference I see are the graphics. Gameplay is the same. I actually enjoyed the PS3 version more, but thats partly because I prefer gamepad and my PS3 is hooked up to my HDTV, wheres my PC was played on a PC monitor.

2433d ago
kikizoo2433d ago

Let them enjoy their high end pc, it's one of the first game they can scream about "ooh looook it's so much beautifull compared to consoles" (but it's not so different on your big screen tv in reality)

death2smoochie2432d ago

If graphics matter then you need to game on a PC. If you were thinking these consoles would look and run the same game like a PC, then you bought into too much PR babble by Sony and MS and related game publishers etc.

tee_bag2422432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Dude look at all the disagree's you got for saying something that was pretty damn logical. I'd say performance and framerate is more important than graphics although they go hand in hand.
The problem with N4G is the children get too emotionally invested if they only have one platform to choose to play the game on.
Personally I prefer to play on consoles as my mates are always online. The problem with the Battlefield series on the consoles is they have always been severly gimped - PC always has better battlefield games; multiple jets (dogfights anyone?) and planes, bigger maps and 64 players.. Hence playing it feels like a Battlefield.

xAlmostPro2432d ago

the beta is far from polished, gamefest had a build ahead of this beta release.. and there's a visible difference :) (played on ps3 btw)

Gamer19822432d ago

PC version only looks amazing on a top spec PC and then thats if graphics make a great game which they don't look at the top selling games of all time and tell me graphics sold them games It's why the wii dominated for so long even though it hadn't the power to keep up with the other consoles. Gamers have never cared too much for graphics they want great games and if they comes with nice graphics thats great too.

Mr Tretton2432d ago

"Let them enjoy their high end pc, it's one of the first game they can scream about "ooh looook it's so much beautifull compared to consoles" (but it's not so different on your big screen tv in reality)"

lol, keep telling yourself that pal.

neonlight452432d ago

Minecraft shits all over your statement about graphics.

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kikizoo2433d ago

..same game sol invictus (but you don't have a ps3, so the choice is simple)

CryofSilence2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Not a very good comparison. Can't really tell.

european_cannon2432d ago

Gamersmint is the worst website in the world. They don't even capture their own screens, instead they take screen grabs from youtube videos that aren't even theirs. Since they have no credibility anyway, I'm sure they don't give a $hit, they just want hits. Waste of webspace!

The_Con-Sept2432d ago

Agreed. PC if anything but I am still boycotting EA and CoD. Waiting for CS:GO to come out.

But one thing I did notice out of the comparison is that the PS3 has better draw distances than the 360 pics do. The farther out I can see the better. Plus what I see in the 360 pics is a sort of "tangerine dream" feel to it every time I see them. The PS3 seems to set the mood of the battlefield better. Bright blue skies are something that I don't want to see in shooters ever again. Unless it is a 1942 remake....

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THC CELL2433d ago

ps3 looks way better than xbox xbox looks too nice and girly lol

Hellsvacancy2433d ago

How can you tell? it doesnt even tell you which version is which, or am too baked to even see?

dark-hollow2433d ago

and the pc version totally,ultimately DESTROYS the consoles versions.

keep fighting over who got less screen tearing and low res textures.

am a console gamer myself but sorry the gap between the pc and the version is waaaaay to big for me to not get it on the pc.

SkylineR2433d ago

Nobody cares buddy. Seriously. This is a comparison (a somewhat crappy one) of the PS3 and 360 versions. That's it! No one's bashing anyone about who's is better, but here you are in a PS3/360 article trying to start sh&t with the PC version. Get over yourself and go play somethiing FFS.
Yes, PC version looks all purdy and stuff. Good for you. Leave us "poor" people enjoy our "crap" versions. *rolls eyes*

_Aarix_2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Oh hey cell, havent seen your fanboyism in a while. How are ya? claiming superiority on ps3 i see.

Oldman1002432d ago

I'm curious as to why the 360 version has no black bars. It looks to me like it's rendering at native 720p. I'm wondering maybe if dice lied about both having black bars so it wouldn't upset ps3 owners about getting the sub hd version?

JaredH2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

I can totally tell that too since the screenshots aren't just ripped from different sites instead of the site making them themselves where they make them as close as possible in location and guns to actually compare.

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psb2433d ago

better than the 360 imho

IHateYouFanboys2433d ago

how do you come to that conclusion when none of the screenshots are even labelled? lol

there is literally no way of telling which pics are from which console.

absolute fail of an article, although i shouldnt be surprised since its from gamersmint.

TheClown2433d ago

You don't need to see them labeled to figure out which one is the inferior 360 version with low res textures. PS3 version is on par with PC.

Pacman3212433d ago

^ Hahahaha PS3 version on par with must be high.

2432d ago
SixShotCop2432d ago

LMAO @ The Clown.

You're delusional. Put down the Meth pipe.

@ Lala_zero

Are you 8 years old or something? You should forget about gaming. If i was you i would make learning the english language a priority.

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admiralthrawn872433d ago

im just wondering why it has to look THAT bad. to me it looks worse than bad company 2. or maybe its because i've been playing pc games for the last year and have gotten use to the higher quality.

uncharted 3 and dark souls are the only 2 games worth getting on consoles unless twisted metal turns out to be awesome

FunkMcnasty2432d ago

@admiralthrawn - I agree that it looks worse than BC2.. And I've been playing BC2 for a while non-stop recently since I've been so pumped for BF3. I play BC2 on 360, but I played MoH on ps3, so I have the ps3 BF3 beta. I'm honestly shocked by the graphics. The gameplay is great and the action is tight, but to me the graphics resemble Medal of Honor, rather than Bad Co. 2..

People disagree with me when I say this, but I actually thought BC2 was a fantastic looking game on consoles.. not all textures were perfect, but the lighting was awesome and the character models were great. All I've seen im my 45 minutes with the Ps3 beta are low res textures, jaggies and pop-up.. (i actually haven't noticed any screen tearing which I've heard others complain about).

I'm really worried that this game will be a mess on consoles and a PR disaster will ensue for EA/DICE.