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5 lessons Nintendo can learn from the 3DS

I just want to clarify I do not dislike the 3DS or Nintendo. I own the system and I intend on holding onto it. I just can’t help but feel frustrated by their questionable business decisions. Nintendo make excellent software and have arguably the best franchies in the industry, but when it comes to making hardware, they seemed to have lost the plot recently. (3DS)

MultiConsoleGamer  +   1438d ago
Star with a disclaimer, use the infamous Trollface pic.

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ABYX  +   1438d ago
Excellent contribution to the topic at hand. Good one.
supergameboy   1437d ago | Immature | show
ABYX  +   1438d ago
Don't rush to launch is the most important thing they need to learn. If they had waited until Christmas time, or now, before launching they could have had a much stronger line-up of launch software. Oh, and the 3DS would probably have two analog sticks.
NukaCola  +   1437d ago

Dont do this Nintendo.

reworded so it wasn't coming off wrong:
the 3DS doesn't seem like a step forward, just a minor graphical leap with a new special feature "3D"

Kind of makes me worried about Wii U which is a Wii with a new feature "controller" and an update in visuals. I hope they are focusing on really driving innovation.
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supergameboy  +   1438d ago
don't sell us a product that's only in beta.
thephillup  +   1437d ago
Sadly that seems to be the case for all Nintendo handhelds.
kcuthbertson  +   1437d ago
Well it's worked out pretty damn good for them so far...

Even if they don't win the handheld war against the Vita...It's already done better than the PSP vs. DS

Hell yes I plan on getting a Vita =]
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Nitrowolf2  +   1437d ago
i usually wait for the final version, but still
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ChickeyCantor  +   1437d ago
But they are releasing on time...
Nintendo is glad, but the consumers they got burned.
Think of all the things they have learned
for the people who still apply...
Maybe the Wii-u? That was a joke Ha-ha slim chance.
Their experiment got old
there are handheld to be sold
to the people who still apply.
And there are experiments to be done with who still apply...
Nintendo feels great now that they have tried...
Using you as test subjects was a surprise...
Experimenting on those who still apply...
still apply....
still apply..
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kcuthbertson  +   1437d ago
Not funny...
ChickeyCantor  +   1437d ago
Of course it's not funny XD
Because it's true!
thephillup  +   1437d ago
I've always been tempted to buy it a few times but to me never made sense in the long run. A system built on a gimmick usually won't turn out for the best.
AWBrawler  +   1437d ago
right cos 3D is all they added /sarcasm
Valay  +   1437d ago
The real problem was the price if you ask me.
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digoutyoursoul8  +   1437d ago
the 3ds launch price was robbery
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BootHammer  +   1437d ago
With the lower price now and some quality 1st party titles they can save the 3DS. I think when they had to slash the price shortly after debut and cut salaries, that Nintendo is finally realizing they have to got get back to delivering amazing franchises on normal basis and cut the gimmicky shenanigans. A Zelda every 5 years just isn't going to cut it anymore ;)

With that said, I look forward to the Wii U and what it will launch with. I would love to see Killer Instinct and Pilotwings =)
ABYX  +   1437d ago
Killer Instinct on Wii U? YES!!
BattleTorn  +   1437d ago
you kinda need to have everything that your attempting to surpass has.

(two analog sticks)
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banner  +   1437d ago
I don't know.... But i think the ball is in Sonys court with vita right now..

Nintendo really messed up this time around.
tiffac008  +   1437d ago
^ I agree
Sony can still take advantage, Nintendo has fired the counter salvo by dropping the 3DS price (Ninty also have the holiday buffer in the west)

So if the Vita comes out with good launch titles followed by continued flow of good and in-between games (The very thing the DS did and the PSP could not maintain) then Sony has a chance to make waves and eat a lot of market from Nintendo.

The ball is definitely in their court.
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josephayal  +   1437d ago
The 3DS is a total Dizasta
VampiricDragon  +   1437d ago
A dizasta is not number 1 worldwide
jsslifelike  +   1437d ago
They need to learn NOT to take a huge, honkin' dump all over their most loyal of fans.
zerocrossing  +   1437d ago
We all knew the next gen handheld console was going to need dual analog sticks, the fact that Nintendo didn't include it in the 3DS launch design is shocking imho.

Plus the 3DS being overpriced and having a poor launch line up didn't help.
tiffac008  +   1437d ago
The launch title is not actually the main problem the lack of good titles on months on end was the major problem.

With the DS you had good and in-between titles for months and months almost none stop that's why it was successful. Ninty kind of forgotten that formula with the launch of the 3DS.
lizard81288  +   1437d ago
How I would have handled the 3ds launch
• Give the dev kits out about 4 years ago

• Get some exclusive games for it.

• Put a 2nd analog on it along with L2 & R2 buttons. Not sure if the 2nd analog would be on the side (like the WiiU's or just at the bottom right)

• Have the Start/Select button the same as it was on the DS (phat). Move the power button somewhere else (due to the 2nd analog if i would to have put it there) & keep the home button the same.

• Check in with the pubs/devs to see if they are having any trouble with it.

• Suggest that they should put in a 3D option (like excite bike has)

• Suggest to them they can make a retail game or just a digital download game on the E-shop

• Do the whole E3 bit, showing both 1st parties & 3rd party games

• I would NOT call it the Nintendo 3DS, It would be either The Nintendo 3D or Gameboy 3D

• Price would be about $150-$200. (I would see how well the DSXL sold, since that is $180, and then see if it should be $189.99 or lower.)

• Colors would be, Blue, Red, Black, & Retro (grey color with a Black D-pad & analog with red buttons, ect)

• Make it Region free

• Make a Nintendo account, so all of your stuff could be stored onto that (if possible)

• Make it playable outside/ with sun light

• Street Pass & all of the jazz still there.

• Have Apps, like Netflix, Browser, Youtube, Facebook, ect.

• Have all features at launch

• Since there would be a YouTube app, there would be no need for flash support

• Better internet browser. (the current one can't even load gifs)

• When you do a system transfer from DSi to N3D, your shop points would also transfer.

• 3rd parties could have free stuff on the shop too.

• I would have launched this in late November for holiday sales. Preferably, a worldwide release date

• If we counted the games out now or coming soon, I would have held back SF64 & SML3D, and put forth OoT 3D & Mario Kart 7 as launch titles, and do a bundle of a special Nintendo 3D with Mario Kart that would be a checkered N3D or something, & and OoT with a Green N3D for like $250.

• E-shop would have sales like steam, and if you bought it within the 1st week, you would get 3D Classics: Super Mario Bros for free.

• E-shop would be rounded to the nearest dollar (personal pref)

• Instead of sending friends codes, you could invite someone to be your friend, thus only needing to input one FC, and they would be added to all of your games (providing they also have the game) for online friend battles or whatever.

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