Scrolls: Developer Treats us to a Screenshot

Jakob Porser of Mojang treats us to a glimpse of Scrolls combat.

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davidmccue2634d ago

Dont you mean Scroolls, Trademark pending.

WolfLeBlack2634d ago

Hey look, it's the Elder Scrolls series! Wait, that's not Elder Scrolls. That's misleading! SUE HIM!!!!!

I'm sorry I just couldn't help myself :D

Looks pretty damn fun from this screenshot. Looking forward to it.

SRTold2633d ago

Wow, is this really the new elder scrolls game? It must be, it has scrolls in the title. Cool!!

Hehe, what a joke. That's like saying Kelloggs could sue Uncle Ben because Kelloggs makes Rice Krispies, and Uncle Ben makes Rice.. Well, too bad uncle ben, Kelloggs owns the word Rice because it is in Rice Krispies.

Also, look out Krispy Kreme Donuts, Kellogs owns the word Krispie/krispy.