Toy Guns and the Little Bang theory of violence

This new Zapper, the Wii Zapper, with its snub nose and smooth grip, is the prettiest submachine gun ever sold.

If that's what it is.

"We don't think it even really looks like a gun," George Harrison said. He is Nintendo's senior vice president of marketing, so he offers an alternative concept: "It's a utility that allows for more diverse styles of play."

Those Al Capone-type references hit close to home, and incited the first wave of organized toy gun protests, led by that spitfire Rose Simone. A Chicago judge huffed in support, "When [the boy] gets used to pulling the trigger of a toy gun, it's not a long step toward pulling the trigger of a real one."

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blynx1824042d ago

These bastards have been talking smack about videogame guns for years, yet have nothing to say about all those nerf guns you see every 8 minutes on t.v. These people need a hobby.

ShadoWulf4041d ago

Are nothing. I'll bet these hypocrites' fathers had shot real guns at targets by the age of 12. And after shooting a real gun, how much further a step is it to shoot... a real gun? And yet, they still raised families and had happy lives and didn't kill anyone. I know, because my grandfather was one of them. I just recently fired a shotgun a few times out on his farm. Does that condemn me to the life of a killer?