Optimus Prime Found in Assassin's Creed

Via Ripten:

"Did Ubisoft Montreal intend for the above image to resemble the fearless leader of the Autobots? Flickr website user Supernova3688 posted an image which oddly enough resembles Optimus Prime, had he been made out of twelfth century wooden window shutters. Pretty interesting."

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DrWan3752d ago

This game is becoming the laughing stock of 2007, horrible quality eventhough concept and all was good..jeez

[email protected]3752d ago

Yeah, a great lesson for them. They need to learn from devs like Infinity Ward & Naughty Dogs or maybe Square-Enix(soon).

Nostradavis3751d ago

Assassin's Creed is still a very good game guys. It is by far not a laughing stock. Does it have bugs in it? Yes. Do most games that hit the market? Yes. Was this game a tad bit over-marketed? Yes.

Most games lately have been over-marketed, and Assassin's Creed is no different. This post was not meant to be a "lets bash Creed" thing, simply posted this for us all to get a laugh out of the image.

Soapskid3752d ago

Jade Raymond put that in there.

crazy250003752d ago

that comment was bound to be said

Nostradavis3751d ago

She probably put a lot in...she is the producer : )

MrSwede3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

I think stories like these are a good contribution to this site. It's good for a laugh! Some days it´s harder to move them through pending though :). This one was a lot easier and many liked to read it and this is sort of similar so I'll approve.

techie3752d ago

lol Not sure whether it belongs on the site...borderline though. If it's worth a giggle then why not.

gw4k3752d ago

What the *uck!

This is the dumbest things I have ever seen.

Come on N4G, report news about games not BS!

A. Creed is awesome. I love this game. Just because the reviewers are burned out gamers doesn't make this a bad game. The game is amazing to say the least.

The only people that do no like it are the gamers that refuse to play the game and read the reviews.

Nostradavis3752d ago

No one is saying the game is bad because it has a window in it that looks like Optimus Prime!! and this was not submitted as news, it was submitted as an image. N4G themselves describe their site as a "social network for gamers" not "CNN for gamers". Relax a little and enjoy life.

PS3Freak3752d ago

You're wrong, i played the game despite the reviews and i hated it.

SharpeNoir3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

I think the games great it looks beautiful and is well fun to play. But I really think it is one of those games that you're either gonna love or you're gonna hate... a bit like marmite...

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