The Players Republic: [Ex Post Facto] The Lost Essence - Super Mario Galaxy 2

A look back at Super Mario Galaxy 2 and how the game can both rejuvenate any gamer and teach us about the real world around us

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eagle212432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

I enjoyed reading this article and enjoyed playing the brilliant Super Mario Galaxy 2.

topitopi2432d ago

Thanks eagle21! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

--Onilink--2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

damm that goldeneye pic,lol its just like the one about Dugtrio...

this is the dugtrio pic btw:

Great article btw, most gamers starting this gen are so diferent from us, the ones that were at the very beginning and know how to apreciate all aspects of gaming no mather the genre, console, company, etc

topitopi2432d ago

Oh gosh that Dugtrio pic is awful lol. Have you seen the Bomberman/Big Daddy from Bioshock one? I'm new to this site so hopefully you're allowed to post links and it works:

I'm glad you also enjoyed it Onilink! I was truly moved by this game and it makes me happy that other players were too.

fuzunga2432d ago

It's all my fault lol. I added that picture. WHAT HAVE I DONE!?