1UP: Preview: Original Crysis Plays Better On Consoles

1UP: I loved Crysis on the PC, and I think I might actually like it more on the consoles. After playing around with a preview build for thirty-minutes or so, I'm astounded that Crytek managed to fit the controls and powers from the original game onto a gamepad in such an intuitive way. By mapping the armor and stealth abilities to shoulder buttons à la Crysis 2, and integrating other powers like speed and power jumping into their respective functions -- e.g. you hold jump button longer to jump high instead of switching to a special mode to do so -- Crytek has smoothed out the slightly clunky controls of the original. It's actually easier to switch between powers now. Crysis plays better on consoles, but given the graphical reputation of the original, the real question is "how does it look?"

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Letros2364d ago

Well that's interesting, they took Crysis 2 suit controls and brought them to Crysis 1, I suppose they would work much better for a controller than the original Crysis 1 nanosuit controls which was heavy on middle mouse clicking.

RedDead2364d ago

Yeah I thought it might be like this, kind of an annoyance to constantly change in the Pc version.

MerkinMax2364d ago

But that is where the freedom comes in. To each his own I guess.

kevnb2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

I guess hes entitled to his opinion, but no just no. The way the controls worked in crysis 2 was horrible compared to the original. And the graphics look like a pc game ported to console... you see 5 feet in front of you with an fov of 50 and depth of field on 90% of the screen. Of course im exagerating some, but not that much.

jbiz3302364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

oh jesus.. STICK TO THE PC VERSION THEN!!!! you pc elitists are getting boring. Do any of you ACTUALLY think you'll convert console only players to the PC? really?

Mr Tretton2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

actually I'm seeing a lot of console to PC conversion, including myself. PC is something PC players need to support and get word out on, so devs will treat PC more seriously than pandering to consoles all the time. PC is a special platform worth shoutin about.

Granted some PC elitists are annoying and overcompensating. But are also usually correct about what they're saying too, they just could be a little nicer about it. btw, kevnb wasn't being a baddie in what he said either.

kevnb2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

just calling out these bs articles, they are so full of shit it isnt funny. I actually have a ps3 and enjoy the exclusives. It seems like sony exclusives are the only console games made the way they should be made. For example, resistance 3 doesnt pull this kind of graphical crap, they give us all the effects and draw distance instead of pulling the wool over our eyes with a highly detailed 5 foot radius.

mananimal2362d ago

yet the argument is a moot point, console or PC, PC or Console, it dont matter when you realize where the industry is headed...duh, its the CLOUD, Floating Point TECH, DRM......thts the future of gaming the INDUSTRY is pushing, that would include everyone.

Szarky2364d ago

I may actually try this out, only $20 not bad.

kevnb2364d ago

if you havent played on pc, I bet it will still be fun.

Tachyon_Nova2364d ago

I don't understand why so many people have issues with the PC controls in Crysis. What is wrong with you noons, they were so easy and quick to use!

kevnb2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

They dont, article is bs. Even if the suit controls were a bit better, how does that make the entire game play better? If the controls in crysis 2 were so great, why hasnt any modder bothered to bring them in crysis 1?

StayStatic2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

It maybe good , but better ??? LMAO as if :P

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