Gamer TV gives Uncharted perfect 5/5

Gamer TV gave the much anticipated upcoming Ps3 title Uncharted: Drake's Fortune a perfect 5/5.
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cow moolester4042d ago

They did not say that 9 hours was perfect for the game.They said the gameplay averaged out at 9 hours on Normal and not to play the game on EASY because it would ruin it. And they said the only replay value in the game was rewards, achievements and unlockables

zoibie4042d ago

They also said they wanted to play it again on hard, that sounds like replayability to me.

techie4041d ago

and then there's crushing :) and the AI is so good, you want to play it again.

the worst4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

great game play
great story
great twist
great puzzles
great all around
5 out of 5 hands down
going back 2 find all unlockable and metals now

MikeGdaGod4041d ago

i just beat the game on normal and it was alot of fun.

there's also some big surprises and things you wouldn't expect. this definately isn't Tomb Raider.

i'll be playing it again for sure. but i got alot more to flip.'re next......................

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SeanScythe4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

9 hours my ass I'm on 7.5 hour and only 66% done on hard. I'm also looking for the tresures while playing. This game is a 5/5 but it's not short, I'm loving this game.

Wow here I was thinking I made a comment on my personal opinion about the game but the xbot trolls have to disagree. I find it funn that they are pissed they didn't get this awesome game.

TheExecutive4042d ago

I am 60% done on hard and only 5 hrs into the game. I have been searching the areas for the treasures too. I am on level ten and have 28 i think...

n_n4042d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

me too, i'm at 39% and the timer clocks me in a bit over 5.5 hours (on Hard difficulty). but the reviewers usually rush to the end of the game without looking for anything but the quickest route to the finish line.

replay value is pretty good, have you seen some of the things you need to do to unlock some stuff? they aren't a walk in the park, dude.

this game deserves way more recognition than it's gotten.

The Brave 14041d ago

its all bullshit. first people said Heavenly Sword was 5 hours long.Its actually about 8 to 9 hours so Uncharted is probably about 12 hours long or so.which is perfect

Spike474042d ago

seems to be etter than assasins creed from what I see.

The_Engineer4042d ago

AC doesn't hold a candle to this beauty, this is an EASY 10 and GOTY contender.

Sevir044042d ago

I really do hate sand box games. but assassin's creed just stands above the rest, but uncharted. i'm about 7 hours into the game on normal and i haven't even reached 50 percent yet. so all these people calling it short must have played it on easy mod. it's freakin awesome and while i wouldn't give it a ten because i've noticed a hint of screen tear and a few texture pops from time to time, it's frame rates stay consistent, and it plays wonderfully, very gripping and entralling with believable characters, and great acting, amazing graphics, and outsatnding pacing and the treasure gives you something to do when playing. this game is worth a 9.5-9.8 tops, this game isn't perfect, but it's damn near perfect. damn near perfect indeed.

Danja4042d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

I agree with you on Assassins Creed i've been playing that game for a couple days now and it' a good game in it's own right...and I haven't experienced ne white screens bugs.or w/'s really a good game with a great story ..!!

I got Uncharted yesterday..i've played it for about only at 38%..."im playing it on hard" IDK bout it beign short....and yes i've been saying that maybe reviewers rush play these games on meet deadlines...

As for the replay value...there's mirror mode in the game which means that ur second time playing through the game won't be the same the achievements and unlockables....and the A.I..alone gives this game alot of replay value...

EDIT: is there a phantom disagree-er in here why does everyone with pro UNCHARTED comment got an disagree..!!

cartman3134041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

GOD %@#!...Where are you bastards getting this game?! I have to wait until 2pm tomorrow. :(

You have to ignore the disagrees man. It's just some bored retard.

Ju4041d ago

^^ look, you yourself got an disagree. For what, would be very interesting to know.

I saw a couple BDs at my local Walmart, but cheap as I am, I have a 10% off coupon from Best Buy (expires 11/19) - but they don't have it yet! But if they don't have it by then, I'll buy it somewhere else...I really want that game...

eagle214042d ago

This is my kind of game. I know it's perfect fit for adventure lovers.