PS3 Firmware 2.01 = Assassin's Creed fix?

The Official Playstation Blog has let word out that a 2.01 firmware update is on the horizon. The only detail mentioned in the blog post is that the coming update will be "a minor update that will improve the stability of PLAYSTATION 3." PHGamer believes that this coming update directly addresses the technical issues with Assassins Creed, similar to the updates that did some tweaking on Warhawk and Lair. So Assassin's Creed players who are having problems with the game may want to watch out for the update.

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Neurotoxin4047d ago

Through reading the feedback left on the Ubi Forums, though the majority of people have 2.00, their are a few that have 1.93/1.94 that are getting these lock ups as well. If it is the firmware giving all these problems.

1: People without internet access are left in the dark
2: Just what firmware did ubisoft test this on? 1.50?

I seriously doubt this firmware update has anything to do with Assassin`s creed, more likely the increasing stability problems people have had just running the PS3 on 2.00 and Remote play working correctly. Is sony firmware going to fix the 360 owners version as well!... Obviously not, Ubisoft need to pull their fingers out and actually sort the Bugs out in game (PS3, cannot say about 360 as i don`t own one)

.....If however this firmware does sort out the problems, hey i`ll eat my own pubes.

Beren4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

So this article is wrong. This freezing happens on all firmwares and even on some xbox360.So ... will Sony put the 2.0.1 on the Xbox too? .Sorry but i hope that N4g stops these kind of blog, forum nonsense posted as , news, or whatever.....
Its a faulty software by Ubisoft.

CrashSharc4045d ago

Does anyone realize FW updates have NOTHING to do with third party games? Seriously, FW updates are a huge deal to Sony due to security and the fact EVERYONE is affected by it. They aren't just gonna open the doors for some 3rd party game... FW updates are far more serious than that... That's also why Sony takes their time with them (for all you ingame XMB whiners) FW updates are really important to get right...

Mighty Boom4047d ago

Dreaks Uncharted could be coming to 360.

Check out the news the Sony droids so vigorously blocked.

Neurotoxin4047d ago

Dude put your flame resistant suit on.... lol, i think your gonna need it.

As rumours go thats pretty weak. Do you think Mass Effect or Halo would come out for PS3? LOL no way.

Good luck with the sony fanboys ;).

aiphanes4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

You need to eat your own pubes, it might make you smarted! LOL!

Uncharted is a first party title and will never, ever come to the Xbox 360...and it uses almost 25 GIGS of compressed data so it will not fit on a dvd9 disc....

Obli: How hard would it be to port Uncharted to the Xbox 360? I'm not just talking storage constraints (Blu-ray). Could it be faithfully recreated without the use of Cell?

Evan Wells: I won't say that it would be impossible, but it would be very difficult and we most certainly would have to make enough concessions that it would start to feel like a different game. One thing that would be particularly difficult would be keeping the game load-free. The HDD really came in handy and allowed us to have pretty big open levels with lots of detail.

Skerj4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

OMG please let people start thinking this so I can laugh vigorously. Yeah Uncharted on 360, then Halo and Mass Effect on PS3, and Mario to 360, Metroid to PS3, followed by a multiplatform release of Mario/Ratchet/Master Chief Bartending Allstars.

Just when I thought some of the comments couldn't get more stupid and baseless. ..

WilliamRLBaker4047d ago

your...not very observant....Uncharted is made by NaughtyDog, Naughtydog is an first party sony dev, the game was published by sony....

Neurotoxin4047d ago

Skerj bubble for you sir, that made me laugh.

xionpunk4047d ago

First of all, that article is retarded. EW was saying that technologically it might not be impossible. Being owned by sony however, means that it actually is impossible. The guy who wrote that is dumb.

blacsheep4046d ago

with all the rain outside and the days getting dark by 4 oclock in the evening i needed a laugh!
thats how you know uncharted is an amazin game you got 360 owners wishing on a star,reading into a comment and thinking a sony owned studio would bring one of their top franchises to the 360!

sir hang your head in shame

solar4046d ago

Quote by aiphanes -
You need to eat your own pubes, it might make you smarted!

brain food! and ive been eating veggies :(

4046d ago
whoelse4046d ago

Since Naughty Dog is owned by Sony, thats not going to happen...

[email protected]4046d ago

Just keep dreaming cuz only on ur dream that going to happen. Uncharted and and always will be a PS3 exclusive. Totally a waste of time to read ^_^

ravinash4046d ago

You really need to read the articales you post before you post them.

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UnblessedSoul4047d ago

Mighty Boom you are a complete retard.

Mighty Boom4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Just a little FIRED up when I post news that is interesting and it gets gang blocked by loyal Sony droids. Also FIRED up because I get obscene PM messages like this from people like kingofps3 and I quote "F*ck off b*tch. Go suck on your mama's balls. F*ck face." I revised this quote so I can post it. Its was news I submitted under the rumor category. Deal with it droid.

Neurotoxin4047d ago

Mighty Boom, yeah that is ridiculous that your getting obscene PM`s, but not all Sony fans are fanboys, I will frequently praise 360 where praise is due, and also point faults out on PS3.

You didn`t have to comment about the rumor here, its a news article about firmware? Why even bother, go to the uncharted articles.However nobody would approve a rumor like that because its not an educated one.

Naughty Dog have never expressed any desire to work on anything but Playstation, aside from one megadrive game back in in the early 90`s.

If they bring Uncharted to the 360 and that is a huge IF, in the realms of fantasy IF, there would have to be huge concessions made like the Guy said from Naughty dog, If anything what he said pretty much squashes any chance of a Port to the 360 in my eyes.

Skerj4047d ago

For your sake I hope you don't post that as a news story. You can't possibly believe that's ever going to happen right?

ravinash4046d ago

You start off with Uncharted coming to 360 and then say Sony droids...what exactly were you expecting to happen?

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Darkiewonder4047d ago

It was more to fix the early issues after 2.0 was released but since Ass. Creed Arose most then likely they'll add the fix in 2.01 or call a 2.03 later on.

aiphanes4047d ago

I know some people were only buy the game because cause Jade was the producer...but if the game sucks it sucks...

Skerj4047d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

It's hella fun but it has its problems. As such a high profile game I was expecting more, I think they rushed development towards the end to get it out or something. The bugs aside there are little things like the semi campy voice acting, the expressionless faces on mostly everyone when they're talking, unskippable cutscenes that you'll have to watch again if you somehow die before the game saves etc.

Combat is pretty dope, it seems basic at first for a good reason but once you start levelling up you get more techniques and it becomes more intuitive. There's something awesome about the free running around everywhere and pretty much killing anyone who gets in your way. Stealth definately isn't required here as you can lay waste to pretty much everyone with ease.

I do however think it's repetitive after a while though. The repetition doesn't come from the actions you do even though they are the same. It's because there are probably about 3-4 different phrases for any given situation from the sidequests. I've heard the SAME EXACT thing when saving someone about 10 times with different accents. I thought Ubi would have at least ponied up some more monies for decent and unique voice acting jobs. Fortunately the assassinations play out differently every time, it's only if you follow all of the sidequests will you see true repetition.

fury4046d ago

the Creed of _ASS_


ravinash4046d ago

The game can freeze up at some points when your getting chased by half the guards in the city.
The controls are mixed...sometimes their great....starting with very basic controls like how Skerj said. But other time they can be frustrating when you try to climb a tower and you try to jump up to the next part and the next thing you know you've run half way up the wall and then jumped backward to plummet to your death.
Also when being chased its very easy to find your self grabbing something on a wall and the next thing you know, your dangling off a brick while guards are pocking you with pointy sticks.
But beside from those few issues, its a fun game and I'm not sorry for getting it.

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va_bank4047d ago anyone who thinks this will fix AC.

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