Which Race Will You Play in Skyrim?

Charles Onyett writes:Have you decided which race to play in Skyrim yet? Picking the right character is a big decision, as you could theoretically spend over 100 hours in Skyrim, and that's a long time to spend nursing any lingering regrets. Good thing, then, that user Sammuthegreat posted a racial bonus and skill list on The Elder Scrolls forums.

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OllieBoy2613d ago

I chose a Dark Elf in Oblivion.

I'm leaning toward Khajit in this.

theonlylolking2612d ago

I will probably be a nord. I wish bethesda had it where sayains crashed and you could choose them as a race.

Outside_ofthe_Box2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Can I make a black nord in skyrim?

I like the nord, but I want my character to be black or else I'll have to settle for redguard... ;)

SITH2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

@Outside Yes you can make a black Nord. I have intention to do so also. Skin tone is an adjustable feature.

TheGameFoxJTV2611d ago

INB4 that's one of the first mods created.

omi25p2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Nord in Oblivion.
Nord in Skyrim

BigBoss072613d ago

Nord Warrior first playthrough just to show them dragons whose da boss. Then, second playthrough will be dark elf or imperial assassin.

JsonHenry2613d ago

I've been playing Nords since TES: Arena. :)

If I do a second char I always pick the Khajit or Argonians.

hardandsloppy2613d ago

I'm always a nord. I know I'm plain

Delicious Malicious2613d ago

NORD! Blonde Hair Blue Eyes MASTER RACE!

SuperK2612d ago

Retarded comment. (sighs)

Outside_ofthe_Box2612d ago

I take offense to that.

My ancestors died in something known as the holocaust thanks to idiotic ideologies like that.

Jaybronee2612d ago

I'm Jewish and think your post is funny as hell. People need to chill out and quit being so sensitive!

SITH2612d ago

Everyone on this planet has African under their skin. Argue with the origin of humans.

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WhiteLightning2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Female Wood Elf.....Thief: Lockpick, Marksman and Stealth = Win :)

Fishy Fingers2613d ago

Never played more than 10 minutes of an Elder Scrolls game. So havent got a clue.

InNomeDiDio2613d ago

No one here needs to know this.

Laika2613d ago

why not? if he is being honest and plans on playing skyrim i dont see the problem.

sonicsidewinder2612d ago

way to be a jack-ass, jack.

Fishy Fingers2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Skyrim will be my first Elder Scrolls game, I'm actually excited about it. But know very little about races etc

What the f*** is wrong with that?

omi25p2613d ago

I dont know what country you live in but you can buy Oblivion 5th annviersary for cheap and it has all the DLC. Its also a very good game

Fishy Fingers2613d ago


Oh I know, I've seen quite a bit of Oblivion (mates house or whatever), I'm not a big RPG player and Skyrim is the first Scrolls game to really interested me. I'm really looking forward to sinking some time (a LOT) into such a rich single player world, rather than just multiplayer which fills up most of my gaming time.

Hellsvacancy2613d ago

Skyrim will be my 1st Elder Scrolls game aswel FF, better late then never ay?

Virus2012613d ago

I'm on the same boat as Fishy Fingers (lol!). I'm definitely buying this game day 1 so I am here to read the comments and get some ideas on which race to choose.

SITH2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

You noobs to the IP need to go put in notice at your place if employment that you will not make it into work on 11/14/11 Monday. And if you can quit your jobs do it. Joking of course. Notify your teachers if you are still in school that you are going through a rough personal time and your grades may slip. Let your GF know the truth, if you are married you are screwed already so carry on. If you have kids, don't neglect them. This game is going to be time consuming and addictive. Your ability to resist it may be compromised as you progress. Welcome to the series and good luck, you are coming to the series at a time when elder fans have long anticipated the return of dragons. Good times are a coming for all!

Virus2012612d ago

@SITH That was awesome. Thanks

SasquatchXD2612d ago

@sith. Beautifully said. Carry on.

AliTheBrit4202613d ago

I like the idea of having a character, possibly breton, who everybody loves, seems in every other way a GOOD character but who every now and then has to methodically plan, and execute murders on random good NPC's who have annoyed me in some petty way


but ultimately I'll play every race as I play through the game multiple times.

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