GameSpot reviews Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII for PS3

Blazing Angels 2 is a very clear improvement over the original game, though the balance has swung over to the easy side in this sequel. And, of course, if you like your WWII games to be historical and rooted in fact, you probably won't enjoy flying a prototype jet under the Golden Gate Bridge very much. But if you're after a loose, simple game where you get to fly a lot of different, crazy planes and blow up a billion German fighters, you'll probably have a good time.

The Good
* The plethora of upgrades creates a meaningful sense of progression
* Lots of over-the-top technological toys.

The Bad
* Multiplayer servers feel a little barren, making it tough to enjoy the game's wide collection of modes
* The game is a little too easy.

Score: 7/10

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xhi44041d ago

but from the demo i played the graphics are crap, like not what id expect from a nextgen game. Ace Combats so much better

Darkiewonder4041d ago

The only enjoyment I had was fly up high and drop real fast and crash. lol

LeonSKennedy4Life4041d ago


Too bad somebody freaking payed to have it as an exclusive! I could be flying AC6 planes with my Sixaxis right now!!!

I freaking hate you Microsoft!

Kaneda4041d ago

This game sucks!! demo was so boring

Vip3r4041d ago

The demo played like crap.

nuff said.

Jamaicangmr4041d ago

Based on the demo i'd say it's a 6/10 not an awful game but playable in small rations.

perseus4041d ago

I dunno. So far I've been playing in 10-12 player maps on the demo, and the craziness is fun. I just don't like the fact that the game ignores historical accuracy (no one had heat-seekers in WWII).

For my flight sim fix, I'll wait for the next Zero-sen to come out. That was a fun game, even if you did get unlimited ammo.

LeonSKennedy4Life4041d ago

To be honest, I think they got the sixaxis controls right. (If you took the time to go through the options menu and change it, that is.)

Other than was boring as crap.

I guess Gamespot thinks this was only 5% worse than Ratchet and Clank...which sucks...because R&CF:TofD is probably one of the best games of this generation so far. At least, it's been the most addicting to me.

Chubear4041d ago

Just like they thought Heavenly Sword (8.0) was only marginably better than Conan (7.5)

These Editorial reviews and reviewers just take the gaming community to be fools and sheep and I can't say I'd argue much with that. They know they've got most of the community by the balls and they can say what ever they like and it doesn't have to be factual.

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