New 512MB 8800 GTS Pictured

After the success of the 8800 GT, rumours of a new 8800 GTS based on the G92 core have been on the net for a few weeks now. Now some pictures have been leaked onto the internet, along with some extra specs. It was already known to feature 128 enabled stream processors, and the latest specs claim that the new card will also have a 650MHz core clock speed, shaders at 1625MHz, 512MB memory at 1940MHz and will be nine inches long. Its official release date is said to be December 3rd, with a price tag somewhere between $299 and $349.

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Guardian0fPeace4044d ago

to say the ps3's graphics capabilities pwn this graphics card, he actually thinks ps3 pwns pc!!! What a laugh!!

ShiftyLookingCow4044d ago

"he actually thinks ps3 killzownes pc!!! What a laugh!!"


jinn4044d ago

and what exactly are these for?

Charlie26884044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

This one has the chance to stop NVIDIA from cannibalizing all its own sales with the 8800GT

And if ended it has all 128 stream processors enables it could potentially beat both the GT and GTX

and its F-CKING cheap XD

OOG FunK4044d ago so pretty lol

what u mean what are these for???um pcssssss??? lol

Bonsai12144044d ago

if you already have a 8800 or some other variation, this one probably isn't worth the purchase. considering in a few months nvidia will be releasing their 9xxx series

ShiftyLookingCow4044d ago

if previous rumor is to be believed 9 series is no where near in sight, it seems 8900 is coming

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The story is too old to be commented.