Sony Misfortune & Mishap

Nearly a year after the PlayStation 3 launch, one must consider what exactly Sony has to show for its efforts. Once touted as the "Mercedes" of all gaming consoles and publicized globally by Sony's Marketing and Public Relations minions as a replacement for the modern day computer as we know it, the consumer has yet to see such rhetoric manifest into actual reality. Sony may be the "Mercedes" of the console industry but to date, they have demonstrated indubitably that the clutch has slipped and the Benz cannot shift out of second. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the 360 has taken flight.

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gamesblow3992d ago

Are you bored yet? That's what the topic header should read like. Nothing but trite drivel from a pro xbox 360 site. Sony has a lot to show for it's year of misteps, actually.

6 million in sales, in a year dominated by a 250 dollar selling powerhouse and an over price RROD piece of junk. They did this without the help of literally no 3rd party support, mind you. Not 1 3rd party came to Sony's aid for an exclusive. Remember that, folks.

Sony sold 6 million units on their own. Pretty damn impressive, if you ask me. The future will be better as Sony. Maybe not as good as it once was, but the future will be more quality as long as we have 3 consoles all viable. It's never happened before. Ever! 1 console always dominated in the past... making it the lead platform for other developers to ignore the one that wasn't selling.

Now, the tide has shifted and I'm glad "for 1" the xbox 360 is doing so well, as I am for the wii. This will ensure Sony takes drastic measures to better themselves for us, the consumer. Who wins? Every non biased gamer. Who loses? Every SLOP DONG who doesn't see both sides of the coin.

The bias media needs to stop. Sony's came along way since Giant Enemy crabs and 600 dollar price points.

StrboyM3992d ago

well said chap.

bubblys for joo

cloud360-7th_account3992d ago

I wanted tyo giv you a bubble ibut i think i took one away last time or gave you one already.

lawman11083992d ago

I have yet to ever see you post and have one bad thing to say about Sony when there is PLENTY, so much so that it is just not even fun at this point.

hardcorehippiez3992d ago

sometimes you come across as a totally biased fanboy but i agree with your statement here bubble for you

ASSASSYN 36o3992d ago

"theres attempted to justify Sony which is nothing short of preposterous and pathetic."

Nagthragarthoth3992d ago

If uncharted and Ratchet are 2nd gear, we the ps3 base are in for a real treat.

AngryTypingGuy3992d ago

"Now, the tide has shifted and I'm glad "for 1" the xbox 360 is doing so well, as I am for the wii. This will ensure Sony takes drastic measures to better themselves for us, the consumer. Who wins? Every non biased gamer. Who loses? Every SLOP DONG who doesn't see both sides of the coin."

-- Very true indeed. When competition is fierce among companies, and they have to work harder to make their product more appealing to the customer, everyone wins. This applies to any industry whether it's pro wrestling, satellite radio, prime time TV...or video games.

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Kururo3992d ago

like i really need a car analogy of the video game consoles by

Jeppe3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

That would be a really bad idea for MS. US cars against cars from Japan analogy. We know how that comparison would end in terms of quality, handling, fuel consumption, advanced technology etc. US cars would be beaten hands down in every single aspect.

PopEmUp3992d ago

If Microsoft would be competing with Toyota in cars I wonder how would that turn out since Microsoft think they got the money to compete with any company in the world and be a clear winner even what they're doing in gaming business now

Jeppe3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

Yeah my imagination is spinning..

I'll guess MS just would buy a decent car brand and rename it to something like MS Bighorn or MS Wheels.

Think it could have some interesting features though:

While entering the car you would hear: "Where do you want to go today?"

While turning: "It seems like you're trying to do a u-turn. Would you like to start the u-turn assistant?"

While stomping on the breaks: "Are you sure you want to stop? Say Yes, No or Cancel."

Running out of fuel: "Your system is running low on resources, please stop and adjust your seatbelt."

If you accidently stopped your engine you'll get the option to start the car in failsafe mode the next time.

I would probably end up in an institution after driving it for a few days.

DethWish3992d ago

Let's just hope they don't come with a Blue screen or Red ring of death

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mesh13992d ago

the speak thge truth u cant deny any thong they saiod as it was proven to be fact and guys belive me sony fans will cry 2008 trust me hahah but hey i will buy the ps3 in 2010 prolly

PMR_213992d ago

a'll only tarnish the quality of psn with your presence

vaan3992d ago

Your spelling is of an xbot level of intelligence.

Wolfmoonstrike3992d ago

there is a spell check button take 10 seconds out of your time to press it please.

Beren3992d ago

Ignore button and there is no more mesh :D
And lol at the article bashing Sony comming from Microsoft. Please don't post this nonsense as news lol

ReBurn3992d ago

This wasn't posted as news. It was posted as an article. That's why it says "Article" as the type.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3992d ago

GOD wtf did you say? I couldn't understand a single thing there.

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Bathyj3992d ago

This is pathetic. Maybe 6 months ago this article might have swayed some. Now it should just fuk off and die.

Skerj3992d ago

Gee, a biased article towards PS3 from a 360 site? Whatever will the intarweb think of next.