EVGA Hints At Upcoming Nvidia Cards

A screen-cap from the EVGA website shows the listing of upcoming Nvidia video cards like "8850 GTX2", "8900 GTX Black Pearl" and finally a 9800 GTX with 1.5GB of memory. Jump ahead to view the screenshot.

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ShiftyLookingCow4049d ago

damn the gap between 7800 and 7900 was about 6-7 months and the gap between 8800 and 8900 is already more than 12 months. At this rate, we wont see 9 series NVIDIA card for a year.

pacman6154049d ago

i bet it will cost more than the ps3 , 360 and wii combined too , and people say the ps3 is expensive , tards

ShiftyLookingCow4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

those comments about PS3's price still haunt you dont they? face it 599 is still expensive for a console(blu ray player or not) but then that was a year ago.

edit: the only reason I wanted to piss you off is because PS3's launch price is off topic here(btw PS3's price is not even an issue now). Graphics hardware has always been quite expensive but they are also much more powerful.

Kulupoo4049d ago

is about time...
Im pretty sure those 2 card will base on G92 chipset instead of the old G80 chipset. 2bad I just order my 8800GT from evga =.=
I kinda want to do Quad SLI hahaha...

pacman6154049d ago

they would only haunt me if i weren't happy with my purchase at 599$ , on the other hand, my wii and 360 purchase haunt me , my 360 just crapped out RROD after almost 2 years, and my wii just sits there waiting for a game worth playing , zelda was only worthy purchase for it, get a life grouch @ darf

mesh14049d ago

jeep telling ur self that liek a broken record u are

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The story is too old to be commented.