Silent Hill Origins Review: Turn off the Lights

Silent Hill Origins: Turn off the lights and plug in the headphones

Discover how the town of Silent Hill became a town of horror.

"Silent Hill Origins is the first true Silent Hill title to arrive on the PSP and it carries all the aspects of the previous console incarnations. Origins tries to give gamers the a better understanding of the original happening behind Silent Hill and what caused all the horror to occur in the once peaceful town. Silent Hill Origins introduces Travis Grady, a truck driver who just so happens to be suffering from insomnia and some other problems. Sadly, he decides to pass through Silent Hill on his way to another small town to save himself some time but as he approaches Silent Hill he sees a young girl cross the highway. Upon seeing this he slams on his breaks and decides to look around for the girl he saw on the highway. Unfortunately for him, he has been dragged into the horror that is Silent Hill."

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HeavyweightInTheGame3594d ago

Looking forward to playing this for a while now.

gamesblow3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

I already got my hands on it and beat it... It's very short. I have a review on my blogsite, actually. It was a good game, but it wasn't great. IT's very, very, very, very short... I mean, very short.

redninja3594d ago

Yeah...nobody cares about your review. Anyway, the game looks pretty cool. I might pick up a psp to play this one.

n_n3594d ago

wow, i'll take your word for it.. that sucks.. i really wanted to get this game too. i dunno. i might.

gamesblow3594d ago

Oh, yeah... it's short. 2 hours my 1st time thru, a tad over... 2:07 to be exact. Their is an ending here that requiers you to beat it in 59:59, though. So, that speaks volumes, doesn't it? I mean, if they want you to beat the game in under 1 hour, something's wrong. It's a good game, though. If you have a psp, head phones and a long dark car trip ahead of you... Take it with you. It's swesome... until you have to stop for gas, cause by the time you have to you'll have already beat it. "ha"

jinn3593d ago

the game left the lights off cause it sucks!!!

stuntman_mike3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

great game completed it yesterday it took me five hours, excellent game
if you have a psp i highly recommend, graphics are nearly on par with ps2 versions and has an excellent atmosphere, will be replaying it to see if theres some different endings.