1PStart Review: WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008

After the astonishingly average "Conan", 1PStart's JW hoped to get a somewhat more exciting experience out of WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008. Instead what he got was a game so broken, so rehashed and so fundamentally flawed that it led him to invent a new level of low score to give the game.

"This game is absolutely garbage. If you buy this game for yourself you're a fool, if you get it as a gift you need to ask for a receipt, and if you buy it for someone else you don't love them. Avoid it at all costs."

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HeavyweightInTheGame3993d ago

I haen't played this yet, but I have heard it is completely utter BS. I will stick with last years version thank you.

Grinchy3992d ago

Not a good review. The reviewer hasnt even heard of half the roster so he doesnt have any knowledge of the wwe in its current state. While this game is far from perfect it is enjoyable and I am pleased with my purchase. First, the bad points:

career mode is pretty bad as in much, you can be having a heated rivalry with someone, then be shaking their hand the next cut scence. The way you have to train can be cumbersome, but I am slowly building my superstar up quite nicely. Not as bad as the reviewer makes out. My biggest niggle is the fact that they have taken out the weight issues: eg, rey mysterio body slamming mark henry is ridiculous.

Good points
The "feel" of the game is weightier
Fighting styles work well (i feel)
You can set tables on fire!!!!
You can set up ladders and tables in a variety of different methods.
You can perform "the concerto"

All in all, if you like wrestling it is worth a rent at least. There are niggles, but I would say 3/5 is fairer than 0/5

Strife Lives3992d ago

What a huge disapointment. I got the 360 version, and it sucks. Ive bought every one since smackdown 1 on the ps1 and this is bad. Maybe nt as bad as the review says,bt, ok. Its a port of the ps3 ! Im nt being biasd,it is a fact. Cory ledesma lied and said all platforms hav their own versions. Bs. The graphics are worse than 07 on the 360, and most of the caw parts are recycled from 3 years ago. Best part about it is using music off the hdd. But,the lightin sucks. Ive put 07 in and wow 07 has way better lighting.2008 looks a bit hazy and washed out in color

Strife Lives3992d ago

24/7 mode is a joke. Thats what happens when u have one team working Xbox 360,ps3,ps2,psp and DS. A half assed excuse for a game. I think the reviewer at ign wen easy on it,bt,thq and ign have some exclusive deal for their new WWE games so dint expect them to go all out on it. Also, first smackdown vs raw game ive played that every now and then stops for a split second then starts. Its at random and it happens to quick to say its slowdown. This ported game sucks. They should drop the ps2,psp and ds versions,clearly its making the next gen versions not going to blame the fact that its a ps3 port,or that it is a port and thats why its bad,but i blame yukes and thq, get some fricken western devs working on it too !

whoelse3992d ago

I havnt played this but from the video and past SvR experiences, this is what i expected. The commentary is almost identical to previous versions and the AI is just sh*t. To see a proper difference when buying SvR, you have to buy one every 3-4 years.

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The story is too old to be commented.