Undertow Review (Xbox 360)

Video-game slang defines the remnants of an explosive kill in a shooter as "gibs," which is said to be short for "giblets." If that's true, we can't think of more fitting time for the release of Undertow, Chair Entertainment's Xbox Live Arcade shooter, than the day before Thanksgiving.

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jack who3535d ago

did the preson who approval this even try the link?

HeavyweightInTheGame3535d ago

My bad...I was looking at a few sites and got the link for a different one.

Fixed now.

lockload3535d ago

Who would belive the unreal 3 engine would be this versatile

Covenant3535d ago

Looks like fun. Might be worth my few remaining points.

CNIVEK3535d ago

I thought this was a full-3D game. :(