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Assassin's Creed For PS3: "White Screen Of Death"

Kotaku writes: "Irate PlayStation 3 owners are reporting a host of technical problems with their copies of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed, writing of frame rate problems, screen tearing, geometry clipping and game-stopping lock ups on the official game forums. Most reports from those affected by "white screens of death" are writing that they're using firmware 2.0, specifying so at the request of official Ubisoft forum managers. In addition to a thread dedicated to the PS3's freezing issues, a consolidated bug/glitch thread is currently receiving plenty of responses". (Assassin's Creed, Culture, PS3)
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jack who  +   3003d ago
White Screen Of Death
gold anyways there you have it 360FTW!!
Tabasco  +   3002d ago
I'm pretty sure they are playing with the idea of the "red ring OF Death", so one game or a whole console being screwed up, which is worst?
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PMR_21  +   3002d ago
2 my ignore list Jack
lwsbrck  +   3002d ago
To be honest, i would reckon its less a play on words of 'Red Ring of Death' and more of the Blue Screen of Death you get on PC's...

I mean, honestly, which one is closer?

Blue screen => White Screen
Red Ring => White screen...

surely its not that hard of a decision ^o)

I keep considering buying a PS3 (i really think GT5 is shaping up to be a stunner) but things like Skate, CoD4 and now AC are making me have doubts...

If GT5 gets lower reviews than FM2 then eff it, not worth the the hassle.
jack who  +   3002d ago
oh teh noessss i have been ignore
PS3Freak  +   3002d ago
skate on the ps3 is fine(I've seen it slow down twice), and so is call of duty.. what are u talking about. Assassin's creed i agree with you on that one though.I rented it and it froze within 10 minuites.
feejo  +   3002d ago
Ya it so hard to accept their RROD.
Enigma_2099  +   3002d ago
My brother's friend has it for the 360...
Froze on him... the stupid SOB left it frozen on the screen for over an hour, they said... don't ask me why...

... so yeah, the problem ain't just with the PS3 version... but I'm sure you knew that... right?
Laexerias  +   3002d ago
what the
mine works fine here. dunno whaddya mean guys o_o
Vip3r  +   3002d ago
That you? The fanboy comments and poor spelling and grammar seems like it is and the fact you were banned from the UK PS forums make it all the more believable.
power of Green  +   3003d ago
WTF is the PS3 anyways?. Seems too computer-ish to be a game console. You have to do all these things to it; to get to do what you wan't.
lebaneseprince1  +   3003d ago
wow u have no life i always see u post in every piece of news btw PS3 OVER 360
Apocwhen  +   3002d ago
You mean insert game disc and play, yeah I know, really difficult /sarcasm
Beren  +   3002d ago
Guys use the
Allmighty ignore button :D
EZCheez  +   3002d ago
"You have to do all of these things to it"
That's about as specific as it gets right there.

And not to be too technical, but it's not called Sony COMPUTER Entertainment for nothing.
supermandead666  +   3002d ago
Some 1 should buy Consoles For Dummies book for Mr. power of Sh!t.
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jctoyou  +   3002d ago
power of green,power of ignore,goodbye
power of Green  +   3003d ago
Its like PS3's not finished being developed/desinged, like its in a coninuous fix. I wonder if gamers that don't update their PS3s will be able to play furture games due to Sony playing some sort of low key catch-up.
Bonsai1214  +   3002d ago
you really have nothing productive to say do you. if you don't, then shut it.

you cannot place the problem on sony because 1) people with both versions of firmware are experiencing this, and 2) the difference between 1.93 and 2.0 were actually really small.

this is another classic case of bad development.

and sony is actually smart enough to include firmware updates with their games. so people who don't routinely update their ps3s still get a boost at some point or another.

oh, and "You have to do all these things to it; to get to do what you want." its called PROGRAMING. developers should do a better job at it sometimes.
Infernus  +   3002d ago
At least Sony are providing continual support for the PS3. Microsoft gave the 360 users a blank 'Here's a warranty, now be done with this RRoD nonsense'.

Shows how disappointed you are with MS deep down, considering that you're now trying to drag Sony and the PS3 down at every possible opportunity, it's a form of reflective disappointment, closely linked with jealousy, pushing your underlying bad feelings towards MS upon the PS3 owners.
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supermandead666  +   3002d ago
@power of Sh!t
"Its like PS3's not finished being developed/desinged, like its in a coninuous fix"

I wonder if the 3FIXME BOX was ever finish developed/desinged?

RROD, send it to M$ for 3-4 week to repair, M$ send back the "repaired" 3FIXME BOX, RROD again repeat the process.

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ActionBastard  +   3002d ago
You're right. Enjoy your dashboard update on that "finished" 360.
EZCheez  +   3002d ago
You're so right
I'll never sleep easy as a PS3 owner until I own one with the "Falcon" chipset. Hopefully my PS3 has the new HDMI port too.
lodossrage  +   3002d ago
Xbots are full of it
I can never understand why an xbot (Power of Green) has a comment in a PS3 thread
SebL  +   3002d ago
@ Power of Green
It's obvious why you're so xbox obsessed. Your dad uses your xbox controller as an arse-vibrator, and if you give it up for a PS3 (with no vibration) he'll go back to abusing you again.
NanoGeekTech  +   3002d ago
Power of Stupidity
U r a FOOL........................Po wer of the Retards...unite....
Chris399  +   3003d ago
Wow, the trolling is powerful here. Just so you know, it's happening on the 360 too.
Official Ubisoft forums thread for the 360 version of the game can be found here:

I guess you folk are just used to freezing, glitchy software and general - hardware - malfunctions associated with your gaming experience. Maybe it's not such a big deal to you.

On a less snide note, the last game that I played from Ubi was Enchanted Arms. That was the ONLY game that has ever - repeatedly - frozen my PS3 (I exchanged the disc, reset all my settings, played it on my friend's PS3 and everything, still with the same results). And the issue was not PS3-centric, but on the 360 as well.

Instead of attacking each other we should be blaming sloppy developers and their destructive code.

- C
jack who  +   3003d ago
reviewers say you phailled
Snukadaman  +   3002d ago
your wrong friend....if you see its only a few people ..honestly its the 2.00 firmware update
but on another topic..isnt this a double post of a story done already???
jackdoe  +   3002d ago
Assassin's Creed could have benefitted from a delay. More QA, more polish.
Thugbot187  +   3002d ago
He's Right The game on both systems needs a patch.
I don't have the PS3 version so I can't comment on that. However I have the 360 version and while i haven't got the white screen I got the complete freeze to where I had to power off the console. One time by press y in the map area. One time i got thrown of a roof and it froze in mid air. There are also some combat glitches that i ran into also.
lodossrage  +   3002d ago
Chris999 IS right
The 360 one is causing its share of problems too. And personally, which problem would you rather. This "white screen of death" where at least your system still works. At least the ps3 STILL WORKS AFTERWARDS.

Or, when assassin's creed causes the red ring of death on your 360 whereas the system will more than likely STOP WORKING PERIOD??

You xbots are moving far beyond simple fanboyism at this point. Now it's more like downright stupidity.
Covenant  +   3002d ago
Good point, well-said. Agree and bubbles.
KingJames1906  +   3002d ago
Did you even read the posts from that link you sent?
Most of the posts were from other fanboys (PS3 or PC) making stupid RROD comments. Others have stated that the issue happened once (on the 360) and non since after that. Unlike the PS3, that has continuous issues with AC. I rented AC for the 360, I played it for 3 hours without one freeze. I didn't rent it for my PS3 as I prefer multi platform games on the 360 more than the PS3. Uncharted is out now, play that game instead and take back that AC. I don't think I'm going to buy AC as I think it's kind of repetitive. I'm interested in the story line more than the game. There just seems to be a lot of anger in these post which I would be angry if I spent 65 bucks for a buggy game (PS3 or 360).
Nicosia  +   3002d ago

Didn't know the ps3 version was having problems. Kinda sucks for gamers, waited so long for the game...
vilmer  +   3002d ago
I can confirm the freezing issues. Happened twice already in the PS3 version. It's actually the first time a game has ever froze lol.
Infernus  +   3002d ago
Loading Screen
Where's the white screen of death come from?

I've had issues at the loading screens sometimes but since the game autosaves to the PS3 HDD everytime you complete a mission etc you never lose your progress. I'm sure 2.00 is to blame, like most updates are lol.

P.S At least I don't have to worry about my console breaking...
ikkokucrisis  +   3002d ago
Kotaku never fails...
Leave it to Kotaku to insinuate more negative PS3 publicity.

Their last attempt was almost 48 hours before this article was posted.
They're slipping...
ActionBastard  +   3002d ago
How many Kotaku posts do you see where they are showing off all their MS schwag? Now, how many posts do you see where they are showing off their Sony schwag? I appreciate the fact people, as well as other websites, like the PS3 for it being a PS3, not because they got a duffel bag with their Gamertag stitched on it. F*cking puppets...
Infernus  +   3002d ago
I tend not to read many gaming review/blog sites anyway so tbh I don't care what happens to Kotaku.
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Skerj  +   3002d ago
Dude Kotaku lost the little bit of respect I had for them when they posted that Elite outselling the 40gb PS3 story.
Snukadaman  +   3002d ago
If you guys didnt know kotaku gives all that sheit away as prizes...
all that sony and microsoft swag...they even gave away a red fact all the websites give away that crap for the integrity of keeping it...just for the reasons as you people are trying too insinuate.
radical_pi  +   3002d ago
the screen freezing thing happened to me a few times so far... very annoying considering it takes forever for this game to load
toughNAME  +   3002d ago
keep in mind
these things are always exaggerated
367 To Your Ass  +   3002d ago
hmmm ps3's assasins gets a W.S.O.D.
"hmph" YEAH i think i read this yesterday, ubisoft said they would get to it as soon as possible quoted: a patch would solve this WSOD error.

i don't know how many copies have this problem but i'm guessing about 4/10 copies mite have it, it is kind of serious ( i find it practically on every game page i go to.)
lawman1108  +   3002d ago
Good thing I never use my PS3
I am scared to turn it back on after that last FW update !

........THE FW UPDATE OF DEATH.............

Thank god for lack of good games.
myxomatosis  +   3002d ago
you dont have a playstation 3
rofldings  +   3002d ago
my ass you have a playstation 3

Spike47  +   3002d ago
oh my god




thereapersson  +   3002d ago
Dude, it's no use
The fanboys on this website are some of the dumbest around. No sense, no reason, period.

edit: 2 disagrees and no explanation as to why. I rest my case.
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Expy  +   3002d ago
Ubisoft fails again. I think they should shut down operations :P
feejo  +   3002d ago
Oh that is bad from sony, they make a new ubdate that is bad.
PirateThom  +   3002d ago
Mine froze up once while on a horse, but I've played it for about 12 hours over 2 days, so I'll accept it for now.

It's lucky the game saves very often.
Idmpc  +   3002d ago
What the HELL were all of you expecting from a Non-Xbox UBISOFT game anyway? They completely f*cked up Splinter Cell Double Agent for PS3 and PC (and the X360 version ran better, but still had bad framerate), the PC version specially would crash on MOST PCs (I was one of them, they even deleted all the topics related to PC crashes from their forums, and released two useless patches that didn't fix anything). On PS3, GRAW2 has a slow framerate sometimes and has no anti-aliasing, not to mention someplaces where you can see a dotted white line (crossing a wall, for example) where we shouldn't have anything like that. Rainbow Six Vegas also gets a bad framerate on PS3 sometimes, and even this Assassin's Creed has lots of tearing and bad framerate.

I knew UBISOFT was crap the moment they f*cked up Splinter Cell Double Agent, and I was SURE that it would happen again with Assassin's Creed. Well, there you have it.
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Snukadaman  +   3002d ago
You wouldnt know about all those problems with the way some of these ps3 fanboys act....
no theres NEVER any framerate, tearing, game ending for myself im honest about my RROD problems....when xbox live wasnt im not too happy with single player halo 3...theres problems with both consoles...and metroid prime is boring as fack.
Idmpc  +   3002d ago
I'm just saying what I've seen with my own eyes because I have a PS3, not an Xbox360. The games are great, I'm one of those in the minority that liked Lair :), but of course the games have problems. Heavenly Sword is beatiful, but also has tearing problems and slowdowns sometimes. Sega Rally was a great example of how multiplatform games should be! Tons of Anti-Aliasing, great framerate (at least on the demo), same graphics for both platforms. Apparently, Call of Duty 4 too (I can't comment on that because I still haven't bought one). But what I'm really pissed about is UBISOFT and their stupid ports. I was really amazed how they completely ignored all PC problems with Splinter Cell Double Agent and even ignored ME on their Customer Support. (My problem was NOT solved and they closed my thread, marking it as solved)
e-ray  +   3002d ago
Yeah, this doesn't pertain only to PS3
My 360 version is having disc read errors--namely, right after a mission is completed and I am back in the fortress thing when the dude is giving me the run down. Sorry, I'm not remembering names well right now--just completed the first assassination.

But, yeah, this is happening on both systems, unfortunately.

EDIT: I have added my gamertag to my profile for the person beneath me.

And outside of the glitchiness, the game is pretty damn fun. Right now, I'd give it an 8 or 8.5/10.
#18 (Edited 3002d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Snukadaman  +   3002d ago
You dont even got a gamertag up...
how can anyone see if your full of sheit?

ok YOU got both the game and the console so I got too belive youi skerj..but I would be damned if I never experienced any of those problems...maybe a tear here and there...but no framerate freezes anywhere. I also have too agree with you on having fun playing the game..its massive and looking for them dam flags and killing templars is fun.

I regret buying kane and lynch though....its terrible....cant even get online too play that fabled free for all multi...but your right...assasins creed is a tight game and very massive.....its going too take more then 6 hours for this one finding everything.
#18.1 (Edited 3002d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Skerj  +   3002d ago
I haven't had the DRE or anything but I'll be damned if it isn't glitchy as hell. I've been stuck in the air causing me to restart, missed 2 jumps and died due to clipping through them, watched a guard in an infinite loop of trying to get on a ladder that he was NOWHERE near, saw Kristen Bell morph into a brunette then back to blonde, seen various NPCs pop in from nowhere and start walking, and I've had objectives disappear from the map without even completing them even though I was standing RIGHT near them.

This is all happening on the 360 version since I seemed to have gotten further than I did playing the PS3 version (yes I own both) so I just kept playing instead of going back to the PS3 and trying to catch up. Whoever says the bugs are central to one system are completely wrong and biased, it's a buggy game PERIOD. That said I am actually having fun in this game as I'm usually really really anal retentive about stealth in similar games, but now I've just pretty much been fighting everyone and killing whoever gets in my way.


I played a good hour and a half before I saw the first one and it happened right as I was about to approach my first major assassination target. After doing every piece of recon in the district, saving all civilians, and getting to every viewpoint to unlock the map I finaly went to the bureau. After that I was roof jumping and jumped off to the area where the mark resided and got stuck in the air. I could pan the camera and that was it so I had to restart the game.

That case was the only time it happened but the other things, while small and not really interrupting my gameplay have happened. I still like the game and I don't regret my purchase(s) but some of these things should have been caught by the testers with such a high profile game and the time it's spent in development. I'm just glad the AI isn't as dumb as it was in that Gametrailers review video.
#18.2 (Edited 3002d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
cr33ping_death  +   3002d ago
@ snuka
alot of the hardcore MS fanboy doesnt have their gamertag up....what can they be afraid of???
akaFullMetal  +   3002d ago
happened to me twice while playing in the first 3 hours of the game, plus i saw a bunch of tearing, and pop up, god this game could of been one of the best of this year, if it wasnt because of this
Bathyj  +   3002d ago
Arse Creed should have been delayed on both consoles. It hasn't passed QA or been play tested enough. Its out here next week and now I'm really debating whether to get it or not. It WAS going to be a day 1 purchase but now I'm not so sure, its not like I dont have heaps of other games to play right now, maybe I should skip it till they sort their crap out.

Ubi, dont become the new EA by spreading yourself so thin. Remember it was your quality that made you so big.
hardcorehippiez  +   3002d ago
m8 i know the game has bugs but a patch will fix those
as with most games now they are rushed then patched. assassins is an interesting game and worth the purchase. they will fix it and its easily a 8.5 a very big game and very atmospheric. am now looking for my 5th assassination and the AI is getting well smart now making me think more careful how to attack and get out quickly. it does have its problems but if you turn off for a while and then go back it seems to stop them for a while. not a total failure like some in here would lead you to believe.
TheTruth89  +   3002d ago
PS3 White Screen of Death just FREEZE the PS3... you cannot compare it with XBOX360 RROD... it not kill the Console... Stupid Fu*king Asshole.

Shut Up and go cry to mama for your RROD instead of write bullshit
Avto  +   3002d ago
Sh*t like this ain't Sony fault this is Ubis fault they can't make a proper game without bugs.
m9105826  +   3002d ago
No freezing here as of the third 'block' of the game. PS3 version, BTW.
Figboy  +   3002d ago
is my Playstation 3 special or something
when it comes to Assassin's Creed?

because, for me, i haven't seen the "washed out" visuals from that comparison video, and i haven't seen any screen-tearing or framerate issues. *AT ALL.

the game *HAS frozen on me, however, but i just restarted the system with no loss in progress, honestly. big whoop.

in either case, i'm enjoying the hell out of Assassin's Creed, and i feel bad for the people who are having issues with the game.
StrboyM  +   3002d ago
lets see ps3 white screen of death on 1 game

or xbox 360 no screen at all after your system burns its insides out

you decide!
FirstknighT  +   3002d ago
Remember the days of the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo??? Never needed no stinking patches.
MaximusPrime_  +   3002d ago
someone is confused between Red Ring of Death with White Screen of Death.

RRoD is a serious matter. It shuts down your console and you will not be able to use it again, ever. The only solution is get it repair (wait at least 3 weeks to get it back), get a replacement ('till RRoD comes) or get a Wii or PS3.

WSoD is nothing to do with PS3 hardware. PS3 is 0.1% of failure rate. WSoD only happens on Assassin Creed game. Unisoft will no doubt fix that problem very soon.
#27 (Edited 3002d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
paracardium  +   3002d ago
white screen of death?? who's the idiot that thought that one up and if it white screens reset it unlike the RROD where you wait 4 months to get a refurbished one. Lame xbots try harder your system is dying.Simple firmware update will fix this. As for comparisons I swear they use like super low end TV's for comparisons because my games never look like what I see posted on these sites or they never put it on game mode and adjust the settings properly.
#28 (Edited 3002d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
tk  +   3002d ago
So hard - but they must try...
So a software glitch not related - and not as often occurring as the XB360 RRoD gets a lot of attention because it is on the PS3 - even though reports indicate that the XB360 version suffers the same. Just a shock - as the PS3 is so robust and stable that you don't expect failures like this.

Tempest in a teacup anyway. They will release a patch, it will be OK, and it will be forgotten by all but Sony haters who will try and keep it on life support to have something negative to whine about for a console that they never plan to own. Pitiful.

Anyway - Sony has a lot of catching up to do - I mean - there are so many XB360 and MS in general issues that one can list - that it will take Sony quite some time to "Catch Up".... Blue Screen of Death, RRoD, Disk scratching etc etc
jinn  +   3002d ago
the 3 red ring of death has come to the PS3 in a different form
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