1UP Interviews John Carmack on id Mobile

Yesterday, iD Software and Fountainhead announced they're opening their own mobile gaming division. That all seems to come a little late, since they've already been making some of the best damn mobile games for the last couple years. Give Doom RPG or Orcs & Elves a shot if you're still clinging to the belief these things universally suck.

1UP had a chatter about it with ID CEO Todd Hollenshead, Fountainhead CEO Katherine Anna Kang, and nerd-everyone-wants-to-grow-up-to-be-just-like, John Carmack. Between making games and blowing up rockets, (it's okay, he has another one) 1UP don't know where he finds the time, but they are glad he could spare some to geek out about the prospects of development on mobile and Nintendo DS.

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HeavyweightInTheGame3993d ago

I think it would be cool if John Carmack created a game for 360 and PS3 kind of like The Orange Box except for Doom 3. Include Doom 3, the expansion, and some of the Doom games. But enhanced for this gen. That would be so dope!

thereapersson3993d ago

Luckily I still have my old copies of Doom and Final Doom for the PSone that I occasionally play upscaled on my PS3. But if ID released a DooM collection for all the systems, I would be all over it in an instant.