29 New Images of Devil May Cry 4

"Capcom just released a big bunch of images from Devil May Cry 4, showing four characters - Dante, of course, plus Blitz, Nero and Kyrie. Enjoy it all inside!" -Gamersyde

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Shaka2K64045d ago

Looks like an xbox game horrible, not even the ideos looks good, should be alot better if the series was kept PS exclusive.
crapcom can suck a nut, its a gonna be a lot time before i a buy another crapcom game.

power of Green 4045d ago

You should thank the 360 for providing more next-gen games for PS3. This would look like the typical PS3 game if it wern't for the 360(bland, poorer effects, less color and detail.

CrazzyMan4045d ago

Uncharted has not enough colors for you? =)))))))

Skerj4045d ago

o_O um they hadn't even started work on the 360 version when they announced that DMC4 was going to be multiplat.

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MrPink4045d ago

DMC totally blew me back with is's coolness and playability when it was released. DMC3 was also really good, so this title has huge potential to be a totally asskicking game.

ichimaru4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

First of all ot's not like Capcom stopped working on the 360 version to develope for the ps3, so if you don't like the screens blame your console not the 360. and if everyone decides to "boycot" capcom, why would they make more games for that console?

CrazzyMan4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Can you? LoL.

mesh14045d ago

this game has alwsy looked the same garbage only fanboys are blinded buy the truh this game is just wack maybe its cauase i was a pc gamer before i got my xbox 360 bu ti dmc series and most jap games use th lamest game engines know to man maybe except team ninja

Foliage4045d ago

It's just not the same any more.

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The story is too old to be commented.