Mushroom Men Conquers In Video

"A comet nearly crashed on planet Earth. Humanity survived. On the other hand, the big rock let a green dust on its way. Unharmful to the humans, it has a deep impact on plants such as mushrooms, who gained a conscience, formed tribes and, inevitably, make war. This original premise, I let you profit from it with this video of some characters from Mushroom Men, planned on Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii in late 2008". -Gamersyde

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HarryEtTubMan4049d ago

I'm gonna get a Wii sometime next year after getting my PS3. Gotaa love Nintendo and Sony

solar4049d ago

im a huge magic mushroom i endorse this game :D

ChickeyCantor4049d ago

whats with the double posts? =/

cooke154048d ago

Haha looks pretty cool!