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New gameplay details revealed for I Am Alive

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has released their rating summary for I Am Alive, revealing a few new gameplay details as well as several mature contents in the upcoming title. (I Am Alive, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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fooxy  +   1407d ago
Sounds this game gonna end up just like Dead Island or Dukem Nukem +4 years in the making (more in case of a Duke) with many delays, and at the end we will get poor to decent retail product everybody gonna forget faster than they could read the title of if...
Laxman216  +   1407d ago
Actually, I think it will end up like Alan Wake; 5 years in the making, ends up being a highly unique, critically acclaimed and commercially successful game with a strong following who have been waiting patiently since it was first revealed.
Bereaver  +   1407d ago
I'm happy that a lot of people liked Alan Wake, but I just couldn't get into it. I think I'm spoiled by better showing of facial emotion and it really just turned me off.
omi25p  +   1407d ago
Dead island was great. Just needed more testing to get it working
TheClown  +   1407d ago
It's a game from Ubisoft so it doesn't matter how long it took to make as it will still suck just like all of their other games this gen.
GoldenGamer  +   1407d ago
If the ESRB has rated it doesn't that mean it's quite close to coming out?
Tigerfist  +   1407d ago
The gameplay sounds really generic.
Laxman216  +   1407d ago
Please inform me of other games that sound like that. Enough for it to be be considered 'generic', that is assuming you understand the meaning of the word?
Tigerfist  +   1407d ago
I was refering to gameplay... Do you really want me to name games that have finishing moves, quick time events and melee/ranged combat?

Hmmm, ok let's see... How about almost every single modern action game?

I bet this game is getting a karma system as well. Again, something I've never seen before in modern gaming.

Choosing between killing and neutralising enemies? The new Deus Ex for example...

Are you trying to discuss the game plot? It's not like I have enough information to comment on that one (and we are posting in a "new gameplay details" topic") but "post-apocaliptic violent world" isn't exactly new stuff to me either.
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Tigerfist  +   1407d ago
I forgot to mention one thing though... If they actually deliver on the promises of a good survival system then I will gladly eat my own words.

So, judging judging solely on this article I will keep my point, but the game is yet to be released so we will see.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1407d ago
"sexual mistreatment is sometimes implied in the dialogue (e.g., “These guys kept me as their pet, or mascot, or something.”)"

.....wut? That sentence doesn't imply sexual anything.
JellyJelly  +   1407d ago
To me it does...
GoldenGamer  +   1407d ago
If a woman said that to me I'd instantly take that as sexual.
Laxman216  +   1407d ago
When you realize the world is not actually a good place, the phrase 'guys kept me as their pet' can mean some terrible things.
ElementX  +   1407d ago
ESRB summaries are stupid and only this examiner reporter submits them. Boo, hiss!
SilentNegotiator  +   1407d ago
They tend to bring some more specific info on the game. Why are they "stupid"?
Kluv  +   1407d ago
I thought this game was vaporware?! WTF?! That's good news!
AriesSiren  +   1407d ago
im so happy its going to be in 3rd person perspective!!

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