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White Knight Chronicles 2 Requires Online Pass, Restricted to One PSN Account

White Knight Chronicles 2, the latest exclusive role-playing game for the PlayStation 3, requires North American players to redeem an online pass to use the game’s biggest features.

The online pass in White Knight Chronicles 2 is called the “GeoNet License.” Without the online pass the game is only playable offline. Players can’t join the GeoNet online world, where up to six players can complete quests together. (D3Publisher, Level-5, PS3, Tag Invalid, White Knight Chronicles 2)

Kon_Artist  +   1434d ago
ok? whats the problem with this?
Ocelot525  +   1434d ago
One PSN Account, this means other family members can't use it. It also disables second hand sales, which is a fundamental aspect of free market.
Kurisu  +   1434d ago
This is old news. The pass comes with all NEW copies of the game. If you buy it second hand then the pass is available (at a price) to download from the PS Store.
Kon_Artist  +   1433d ago
other family members can play it on your account. if they dont like it. buy a pass lol. this is made to slow down used game sales
FACTUAL evidence  +   1431d ago
You know, I was one of the moots who thought online passes would be a great idea so devs could get more "sales". Then I realized that devs already get the money from the stores where the games are shipped...Not only that but what made me really hate online pass was that one day, my sis's boyfriend let me hold the new mortal kombat and I needed an online pass....I was only holding the game for a bit, and I couldn't even test out the online unless I payed 10$. SO yeah online passes are trash.
Disccordia  +   1434d ago
Just buy the European version. It's been out for months so should be cheaper and doesn't have the online pass
ShannonKasull  +   1434d ago
Doesn't it? The article says it does though (EU,JP Both requires online pass)
Quagmire  +   1434d ago
Well, that sucks. Why are the customers being punished for the industy's fight against the pre-owned market, it seems unfair for gamers tbh.
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TheHater  +   1434d ago
because "gamer's" are the reason why there is a pre-owned market.
Quagmire  +   1434d ago
Well, what do publishers expect us to do, keep every single game we buy? Hell no, crap games we sell, or even some better ones if we are strapped for cash.
sashimi  +   1434d ago
If you don't like the way they do things just don't buy their games plain an simple(applies to all games with online passes). Either way they won't be seeing any of your money anyway if you don't buy new unless theres an online pass.
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TheClown  +   1434d ago
Not true
I bought WKC but I'm not buying WKC2 because of this online pass garbage. I don't support it at all even if I get the pass when I buy the game new. I'll just wait for WKC3 as it will likely include a remastered version of WKC2 in it anyways. Hopefully by that time they'll realize why online passes are stupid.
hkgamer  +   1434d ago

Hope you are saying what you mean, its great to stand up to what you think. However one person won't make a difference.

However you do have to remember that its not just buying second hand... People renting games affect everything
TheHater  +   1434d ago
I got this game last week....already 70 hours in :)
sashimi  +   1434d ago
Not a big deal if you buy new... Which i plan to since i want to support the developers who make the games i enjoy or else there wouldn't be anymore games. If ya can't afford new games wait until a price drop, its not like theres a shortage of games to play >.>

used games = no profit for developers so ya-_-
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colonel179  +   1434d ago
It is not a big deal if you buy the game new. I do that, but I own my PS3 for myself. I have a friend who shares the PS3 between him and is brother. They both have their own PSN Account. So one of them would have to pay for the online pass to play it.

Another downside is that if I go to a friend's house, we won't be able to play online from his PS3 with his account. Also, what about games such as Ratchet & Clank: all 4 One which uses multiple logins. Will my friends have to pay the online pass in order to be able to play with me? I think that is a big problem
nefertis  +   1434d ago
Why petition this? all thats doing is making D3 not want too invest in translating for future title. The online is free, u can even do quest thats online and play offline this game is full of content. We are so spoil me.
lelo2play  +   1434d ago
"White Knight Chronicles 2 Requires Online Pass, Restricted to One PSN Account"

Now I'm even less interested in the game then i already was. They can keep it.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   1434d ago
Just get use to it people. Online pass sucks but it's here to stay.
TheClown  +   1434d ago
Then they can stay in the bargain bin with the game they came with.
Laxman216  +   1434d ago
Sprud  +   1434d ago
Interesting how this game has been out in Europe since June, but it was't until it released in the US that someone had to complain about this. What does this tell me?
nefertis  +   1434d ago
TBM  +   1434d ago
Well im from nyc and i bought it new. It didn't have a code for the online pass i think but I'll check again. I have no problems buying a game that has an online pass with it. if it's a game Im interested in Im going to buy the game period end of discussion no complaints from me.
ShannonKasull  +   1434d ago
The petition is for all other English speaking regions outside of US/EU who doesn't use the same PSN acc. Since this is account binding and only good for their respective PSN acc. regions, gamers who import the game and bought it first hand will have to create a dummy PSN acc. in their respective regions to play online. Not only is it the only way to do so, there is also the issue of not having your friends list, trophies and such.

P.S. Resistance 3's Online pass works for all PSN accounts regardless of region on the same PS3.
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