FIFA 12 ready for download now, at a cost.

EA have announced that gamers who have subscribed to the EA Sports Season Ticket will be able to download the popular football franchise release FIFA 12 from 5pm today, a week before its official release, in a controversial move by the publisher. The download was scheduled three days before release day, but EA have moved it forward. The season ticket required to retrieve the early download will set you back 2000 Microsoft points, which is around £17 in real money.

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fluffydelusions2518d ago

I'll just wait till Tuesday.

lucifon2518d ago

Out of wonder how does this work? For £17 you can download the full game and play it now? Does it deactivate come launch or what?

VerbalKint272518d ago

For £17 you can download FIFA and 4 other EA Sports titles before release day BUT they run out on release day so if you like the game you have to buy the disc. The achievements and settings from the pre-release will carry across if you buy the game.

RBdrift2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Oh sorry for bragging but im enjoying my early copy. :p