PS3: One Year Later - Noteworthy PSN and Blu-ray releases; IGN's thoughts

IGN PlayStation Team explores some of the more noteworthy releases that have hit the PS3 in the year since its release, from downloadable PSN releases (page 1) to retail titles on Blu-ray (page 2). These are the games that, if you own a PS3, you need to take a look at before 2008 rolls through with some of the biggest franchises the PlayStation family has to offer.

What did year one mean to the PS3? Where is the system going? Let's see what the IGN PlayStation Team has to say (page 3).

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Bubble Buddy4048d ago

PS3 is doing just fine (Y)

lawman11084048d ago

They should have sold the 80gb with a game for $399 when it first came out and they would not be in the spot that they are in right now.

gamesblow4048d ago

Could have been better... but since it's not, sales for the system are about as good as can be. R&C, Warhawk, Uncharted, Resistance, Motorstorm, Ninja Gaiden, Heavenly Sword... all worth owning the system for and some are the best games next gen has to offer. Ps3 will put up impressive numbers next year.

Vojkan4048d ago

Well i agree that PS3 will do better next year but so will Wii and 360, thats the thing and real question. Can PS3 catch up and eventually be on top?
No matter what it is going to be hard since 360 has great momentum, compelling games and most likely another price cut in Q108

bootsielon4048d ago

...what would have happened had all of its games scored .5 more on the metacritic scale?

I also wonder... what would have happened if Uncharted had multiplayer too? What if WArhawk had single player? What if Lair had online play and analogue controls? What if uncharted, lair and heavenly sword were longer? What if resistance had everything it has now (from downloadable content, to perfected online, to extra modes) from day one? What if Motorstorm had extra content?

Perhaps this resumes the initial question, and that's the few little things Sony could have done. Minor details, Major result change.

gamesblow4048d ago

Why does Uncharted need online multiplayer? It doesn't... You'd never play it if it did. Not every game needs online. Sorry... Warhawk doesn't need a SP. Vice versa. Some games are good because of what they are. Warhakw is a diverse game that appeals to online MP gamers... Uncharted is a great game that apeals to singlplayers. Divesity is key. Xbox live is lost with this cause you all seem to think every game needs online or it's junk. 90% of the games released who do have online, are never played. Only a handful of games are actually played online. Look around you. I don't see anyone playing Stranglehold, or Kane and Lynch right now online. Sorry...

segasage4048d ago

PMR_21 - 1.1 - always
room 4 improvement

Never thought I'd read that form a PS3 fanboy. By all accounts the PS3 is perfect in their eyes.

bootsielon why don't you STOP Wondering, Waiting, Pondering ifs, Buts, Why's and start buying games and PLAYING B3YOND like you fanboys always write.

Sony needs your support no time to wonder, buy games not blu-ray. The time is now sony never been so weak as well as behind in the last 8 years. You Ps3 fans worry too much about everything else which is not helping sony's cause.

Your beginning to be labled, as a buch of fanboy whinos, begging for perfect 10's from games you continue to hype and get disappointed, while blaming everyone else, from microsoft/devs but never taking a look in the mirror.

Now PSN has a lot to do since they are playing catchup and its not like MS and Nintendo are gonna sit there and wait.

Best of Luck

INehalemEXI4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

PS3 will do great next year. They have their work cut out for them catching up. PS3 does look like it will carry on the Sony playstation legacy and out last its competition while bringing great games year after year.

I too think its great that they are in a position where they have to cater to the fans and make sure they put what we want in future firmware updates etc. Nobody likes company's getting c0cky.

bootsielon4048d ago

I'm not saying I won't buy the games. I loved those games (Resistance, Motorstorm, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword and Warhawk). I just would have simply loved them more had the games done exactly what I wanted. Of course that rarely happens, but hey... there is usually PR reading these threads. Hell, even devs could read this and get creative.

By the way, Ratchet has had online play before. Why didn't it get Online play now? 60 bucks should at least get you that much.

lawman11084048d ago

RFOM,Warhawk,HS and NGS all from ebay and all well under $60 bucks. I even got a Blue tooth head set with WH

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