History Of PlayStation

The PlayStation is a 32-bit video game console of the fifth generation. It was first released by Sony Computer Entertainment in December 1994. The original PlayStation was the first of the ubiquitous PlayStation series of console and hand-held game devices, which has included successor consoles and upgrades including the Net Yaroze (a special black PS with tools and instructions to program PS games and applications), PS one (a smaller version of the original), PocketStation (a handheld which enhances PS games and acts as a memory card), PlayStation 2, a revised, slimline PS2, PlayStation Portable (a handheld gaming console), PSX (Japan only) (a media center, DVR and DVD recorder based on the PS2), and PlayStation 3. By March 31, 2005, the PlayStation and PS one had shipped a combined total of 102.49 million units,becoming the first video game console to ever reach the 100 million mark.

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kalistyles4045d ago

how the Playstation has sold so many consoles over the years and knowing probably at least 3/4 of the owners of XBOX's do nothing but talk trash about the console that they once owned and brought so much enjoyment to their lives when they were a kid. It's a real shame. I've always been a Nintendo and PS guy since the beginning, and when Microsoft decided to butt their way into the console fight to me was a real slap in the face to Nintendo and Sony. They have the PC market under wraps and really didn't have to make their way into the console market. Shown by proof with the first XBOX and their lack of sales and support by the community. Granted they are doing a great job right now with the 360, but I really think that the people know in their minds who will be 1 and 2 in the coming years. PS3 is just getting started and they have nowhere to go but up. There is so much potential that the gamemakers have yet to untap with the PS3, and I think that you'll be seeing the true power ready to burst out starting in early 08 with Killzone 2 and MGS 4 and so on with FFXIII and GT 5. The future is now and the power is coming. It's just that people are so unaware of it right now and have nothing to do but b!tch and moan about it. Be prepared for a long and illustrious career for the most powerful game console on Earth. Long live the PS name.

shotputking4045d ago

"I've always been a Nintendo and PS guy since the beginning, and when Microsoft decided to butt their way into the console fight to me was a real slap in the face to Nintendo and Sony."

This has to be one of the dumbest comments i've heard on this site...
since the beginning, huh? the beginning of what, 1994? i remember when playstation was the new guy, "butting" their way into the console market. didn't you read the part that said: "The PlayStation is a 32-bit video game console of the fifth generation." so things usually start at the fifth generation??
i just love how all the ps superfans just HATE an american company getting into their precious console race, and actually having some success. well, they're here to stay, get used to it. just hop in your toyota, drive to wal-mart and check out the new playstation games and jet li movies.

fredy4045d ago

"I've always been a Nintendo and PS guy since the beginning, and when Microsoft decided to butt their way into the console fight to me was a real slap in the face to Nintendo and Sony."

So this is where the "Stupid Sony Fanboy logic" comes from, comments like that.

Now you see why some people moved away from Sony. Gamers like that, that have no weight whatsover in the gaming business but feel like they own or entitled to sh!t.

Sure this is your business, so every other competitor butts out...

f$%kin fools..

Hey Sony has been great, the PS, an dPs2 were great machines, we'll see how the PS3 does. Too bad the FATHER os PS is no longer there. Long live KEN.

LeonSKennedy4Life4045d ago

To back him up though guys...Microsoft came into the race with nothing but pay-offs and cheap tricks.

They shut down the Dreamcast's online servers WITHOUT even telling Sega. Then, they bought Bungie out and Bungie didn't even inform Apple; the Mac was previously Halo's exclusive platform.

You're not seeing the truth in all of this. The truth is: Microsoft didn't earn their place in this market, they bought it. They lied their way into everything and cheated a lot of companies out of success. You guys have followed them the whole way too...

Foo Skeptic4045d ago

Nice comments Leon:[email protected] 0/309724870/ 360-design-stolen-from-dell.htm l /catalog/catalog.shtml

Even on The Simpsons show hehe:

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Douchebaggery4045d ago

When I was playing my SNES if someone had come to me and tell me that I would be playing on a Sony console for the next ten years I would've told that person to get off drugs.

Vip3r4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Why do the 360 fanboys find it so nessessary to bash Sony all the time? Microsoft isn't my favorite company of all time but I don't hate it like just killed my entire family. I know both sides are as bad as each other but all this PS bashing doesn't seem to make any sense. The first Playstation did a lot to the gaming industry as did the PS2 which to this day is the most popular and best selling console of all time.

Seriously though why all the hate?

MaximusPrime_4045d ago

basically these fanboys are not really proper gamers.
They never believe anything but rely on their one and only console. Just ignore them. that is where "ignore" button comes into play.

I have nothing against all three consoles. I prefer PS3 because Playstation has been in my life longer than xbox. i do not want to severed it.

Salvadore4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Your making it sound as if 360 fanboys are worst of the lot, but everybody actually is. Nintendo has also had a lot of influence in the gaming industry and likewise has MS.

Bombomb4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

kalistyles Comment above and stop asking stupid questions.


Sony gamers and their Superiority COMPLEXES as if they own the gaming industry and sh%t.

Yet they don't understand competition.

HeartlesskizZ4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Microsoft and Sony have both done good things but like any other company have their own errors. now if you talking to some1 lets say in EU or Asia about Microsoft be sure you going to be ignore.

and on the gaming brands MC have stuff to improve so does Sony.

Theres only one thing to say and sorry if you don't understand but...
your console(which ever you have) could not be so great with out competition.

Competition = need to improve and be better eachtime.

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