[DalealStick] Gears of War 3 Review

Balf writes: Deep review of what Gears of Wars 3 has to offer us, it's bigger and better, want to find out why? read our review!

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gogospeedracer2520d ago

It's impressive to say the least!

Kos-Mos2519d ago

Impressive in which departments? Please give me a detailed explanation, in-depth.

gogospeedracer2519d ago

You don't know? Give it a try son, what are you waiting for?

Gameplay is silky smooth. Everything functions perfectly! It has been refined over the years.

Graphics are incredible. Definitely leading this generation so far. You simply have to see the scope of this game! The textures, animation.

Sounds/music are excellent. Voice work is really, really good. Not the best ever but great. Definitely not Uncharted good.

Mulitplayer is an outright BLAST! Hoard. Beast. Versus. Just freaking awesome. Lots of unlockables.

Go get it man. Enjoy!

Kos-Mos2519d ago

Is that what you call in-depth?
I could say the same about transformers the game and still sound like a complete fool/american teen.