Weekend PC digital deals: $2 treats

If you've only $2 to spare this weekend, fear not! Your measly deuce can still buy you a fine video game, such as Alpha Protocol, Company of Heroes, or a whole host of Sega Genesis classics. If you've got more to spend, of course, PC digital distributors will happily take that off your hands too with a fine selection of deals.

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C_Menz2433d ago

Awesome deals. If anyone doesn't have The Witcher 2 you should use this opportunity to get an excellent game for cheap.

StayStatic2433d ago

I have :D , also grabbed the Megadrive Collection + Company of Heroes collection + Dreamcast Collection + Alien vs Predator.

Dam Steam owned my wallet again xD

Jack_DangerousIy2432d ago

Seems like you're used to getting owned.

Triggs2433d ago

These deals are hard to resist, and it's not even the Holiday sale period. We could get most of the Total War series for 17 bucks.