Dual Pixels: Gears Of War 3 Review

DP:"Gears of war, what pops up in your mind when that name is thrown around? Intense violence, fantastic online play, a bag full of exploding tickers of fun, the team at Epic has always gone above and beyond when it comes to their beloved series and Gears Of War 3 is no exception. Gears 3 has gained a soft spot in my heart thanks to its explosive delivery."

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Septic2554d ago

Horde mode is brilliant and Beast Mode is such a laugh. Tickers ftw!!

alb18992554d ago

The good reviews keep coming.

I know uncharted is a good game and i will buy it too because i enjoy to play but 4 players campaing and an online experiance like Gears, just Gears give me that.

I'm not a 360 fan, if Gears was ps3 exclusive i will say the same.

This games are so good that it will be stopid not to buy it because a fan thing!