Chocobos & Airships are back in Final Fantasy XIV

On the next update that Square Enix will release for Final Fantasy XIV, one of the additions that fans should look forward are the Chocobos.

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rebirthofcaos2523d ago

they should focus releasing ffvs13 instead of a dead MMO.

Godmars2902523d ago

It'll get another chance on the PS3. May have to be F2P in the West though.

They also messed up by not putting airships in XIII.

Leonesaurus2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )


No thanks. I rather the team focus on improving a game that actually was capable of launching rather than leaving fans whining for it to be released over every other FF game that people actually still play and enjoy.

I still play FF XIV and enjoy it, even with its poor launch and current issues. Its not perfect, but I do appreciate what that team does for us and to say something as cold as a "dead MMO" is pretty insulting to me and that team that busts their asses to get it back into a state that the previous team SHOULD HAVE launched it in the first place.

Sorry for the rant, but ignorant rude posts piss me off.

rdgneoz32523d ago

"Dead mmo" isn't too far off. It was suppose to be a great mmo to follow in the footsteps of XI, and ending up being so bad that they had to resort to the game going free to play so people didn't drop it all together before changes could be made (tell me why else a game that was suppose to have a subscription and did at first, went free to play and had a massive list of changes as well as dev/staff changes).
Though they have done a lot recently to improve the game to what it should have been in the first place.

As for Versus, seeing as the game was announced around 2006, you would expect it to be out by now before the sequel to a game that was announced at the same time as it. Hell, even a domain for XIII-3 has been registered by a company that Square has used to register domains for other games.

As for the OT, nice to see chocobos being added finally. Hopefully the list of changes they have coming up all come about and they finally get to release a PS3 version.

easto1a2523d ago

cant wait for this game!

Spenok2523d ago

I'll take it you mean on the PS3?

oldfriend862523d ago

I still remember when this game was announced.

"Final Fantasy XIV..." :D

"...Online!" :{

Spenok2523d ago

I still remember when this game was announced.

"Final Fantasy XIV..." :)

"...Online!" O.o :D xD

My point here is everyone has different tastes. I was so excited for this. During the trailer. I couldn't help but say, and out loud, that it looked like FFXI which I absolutely loved. FFXIV may have been shit at launch, but since its picked up quite well, and has become a much better game. It still has a while to go, but if these recent updates the past months are anything to go on, within the next few months this game just may be worth paying for.

However after everything this game has gone through, i don't know if it would be a smart move for SE do that, even if/when the PS3 version launches it is considered a "Relaunch."

Anyways, as of now I'm enjoying the game. And hotly anticipating the new 1.19 update.

oldfriend862523d ago

That's fine, I'm sure FFXI was enjoyable too.

I just don't think these MMO Final Fantasies should be part of the roman numerals. 'Final Fantasy Online' would've been the perfect name and still saved FF"XI" and "XIV" for true sequels.

Spenok2523d ago

I can see your point there. Kind of how Blizzard didn't call WoW Warcraft 4. Makes sense to separate them from the main entrys.

However, after playing FFXI for so long I couldn't even think about calling it anything else lol.

Tdmd2523d ago

Really hope it goes f2p when it launches on the ps3...