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Casey White wrote: "Every now and again a game comes along that will win people over on a personal level. It could be that they really enjoyed the mechanics, or the storyline, or maybe they were just able to relate to the characters. What it takes to connect people to video games is an individual experience, but nothing has connected with me, personally, on so many levels in a long while as Alan Wake. It's a game that I've fought for in the past, and pushed really hard to make known during our game of the year discussions because of what it did for story-telling, game design, and atmosphere. Sure a lot of people harped on its mechanics, and didn't appreciate the story in the way that I did, but it's still definitely a game you should care about."

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P_Bomb2435d ago

Overall a really good exclusive imo. One of MS' best this gen'. Adds some diversity to the lineup. If you dug Remedy's trademark quirkiness in the Max Payne games, you'll dig it here.

Anon19742435d ago

I had this sitting on my pile of "no time to play" for a few months and finally popped it in. Episode One: Done! Looking forward to playing more. I really dig the atmosphere, the story has me intrigued, etc. I just hope this doesn't end up as one of those "It was all in your head" stories. That would piss me off.

Also, one thing I did notice is what's with the character speaking animations? This game looks fantastic and then when anyone speaks it's like watching ventriloquist dummies talking. Just, mouth open, mouth closed. I actually find it distracting in the cutscenes, and not in a good way.

gogospeedracer2435d ago

Alan Wake is one of those games were gamers on the other consoles say, "hey, I want that."

Kran2435d ago

I cared enough to get 1500G/1500G and its my second most played game on Raptr.


So yeah. I care ;D

tigertron2435d ago

Anyone who owns a 360 and hasn't played this must do so immediately.

Solidus187-SCMilk2435d ago

I loved this game, it was very different to most games today. Ill buy a new Alan wake game if they ever make one. I wonder what the DL title will be like?? I hope AW 2 is coming out next year.

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