The Hardcore Gaming Myth

Kotaku: Do you ever use a word without fully understanding what it means? I have a friend like that. He uses the word "frumpy," but I'm fairly sure he's never opened the dictionary to find out just what it means. In his mind, "frumpy" means "bloated" or "bored" or whatever he needs it to mean in his present case of misappropriation.

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Pikajew2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

IMO a hardcore gamer plays all kind of games doesn' care what system it is on and like to game as a hobby. Not some one who excludes themselvs to one system and only buys exclusives.

gogospeedracer2522d ago

I agree 100% with you my friend. A HardCore gamer doesn't play into the fanboy scene and can honestly see the pros and cons of each system!