Xbox 720 and PS4 will be the first truly 3D centric games consoles

The long awaited Xbox 720 release date and Sony PS4 launch could see the first generation of truly 3D enabled consoles land, industry expert and BAFTA award winning game developer Paul Jeal has revealed.

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gogospeedracer2554d ago

For me personally, I hope they are not 3d centric! I'm just not a fan of it.

Baka-akaB2553d ago

Not centric obviously , just probably coming with it as a standard option on most if not all games

Rush2553d ago

fook 3D I would rather virtual reality. As long as either the PS4 or 720 was designed with that in mind. Not some lame ass add-on

kneon2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Unless you live in toontown then virtual reality would include 3D

Menech2553d ago

Actually numbskull if you knew how the human eye sees no it wouldn't.

People see in 2D with a field of depth the same would apply to virtual reality. Well unless 3D was forced into the tech as well.

kneon2553d ago

Your comment makes no sense. You see 2 2D images which the brain then analyses to infer the depth based on the slight differences between the two images. And all 3D technologies do exactly that.

If virtual reality didn't mimic this is some form then it wouldn't be much like reality, it would be like watching a regular 2d video.

YogiBear2544d ago

@ Menech

Before you call someone a moron, do your research. Look up terms like Stereoscopic 3D, Inter-Ocular, and Convergence.

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WhiteLightning2553d ago

Trust me it's better then forced motion controls, at least the 3D won't get in the way of core games or dumb them down like motion controls have done. Let's face it when motion controls were introduced it made gaming mainstream and added the whole casual/hardcore thing. I don't think 3D will be that bad.

evrfighter2553d ago

wouldn't you rather they focused on 1080p 60fps gaming?

3d will effectively split fps in half.

WhiteLightning2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

I know but hey, I'm not saying it's the best choice but it's far better then focusing on Motion control gaming.

I mean you won't see someone like Microsoft opening 3D based studios instead of opening ones that could be used to make new IPs and exclusives like they've done with Kinect because 3D wouldn't need a studio would it.

Let's just be thankful that they could move away from it then forcing it forward when people aren't interested anymore.

Although I do agree we shouldn't need gimmicks to push the games industry forward.

candystop2553d ago

Something tells me next gen is going to be even more focused on motion controls. I can also imagine consoles being built in Tv's or somehow attachable like current hard drives. Vr and holographic tech is what I want. Just imagine the tv following you like kinect and while watching a horror movie or game andit projects a holographic ghost behind you or sitting near you.

Ot: 3d is ok but I hope it doesn't take the center of attention.Sony will probably plan ahead for 4d though.

RyuCloudStrife2553d ago

well you play 3D if you want. for me 3d is a plus.

jadnice2553d ago

So the PS4 and xbox720 will also come with vomit bags....
It is already reported that expended 3D view has brought on various health issues. His and Her vomit bag with console logo.

SweatyFlorida2553d ago

As long as it remains an option and no games REQUIRE a 3D TV to be played than it will do well next gen, maybe even more so than now if they can up the tech of the 3D effect in games and/or lower the price of 3D TV's in general. Slowly but surely :)

Though it was kinda obvious that next gen consoles will be 3D enabled from the get go, at least on Sony's part.

Laughing Buddha2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

3D tv's are reasonable now, you can get the 42" Vizio E3D420VX for $650. Though I don't think "3D" is going to encourage people to purchase 3D televisions. I think its the ability to watch 2 programs simultaneously on one screen. Or play split screen games without having to split the screen.

See links below for the upside of 3D tv's for those of you that could care less about 3D!


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