Dear Devs: Five Things That Make Multiplayer Work

"Multiplayer in games today is huge. Ten years ago, we were lugging our Xboxes over to our friend’s house while PC gamers have always enjoyed the power of online frag fests." - MP1st

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xtremexx2643d ago

Matchmaking can make a good game a disaster but to be honest, if the games going to be good then it should have good matchmaking

Mister_V2643d ago

Community is a hard thing to achieve, especially for smaller IPs, but I think that's what games like Counter-Strike have done really well with.

Criminal2643d ago

Personally, I find gameplay to be the most important of the bunch, but you need to have all of them.

-Alpha2643d ago

Some of these reasons are why multiplayer in some games are worse

Pikajew2643d ago

People have to learn how hard it is to make a game before they say devs need to add more stuff

cogniveritas2643d ago

Gamers should probably ease on the addition of excessive features. But gamers are smart enough to know what the standard feature set is for a game they are buying with their hard earned money. There will always be better. And there will always be a fresh hungry developer ready to take the place of less efficient developers. We as gamers are watching, and the Development bosses and publishers are watching too. The difficulty of a job is no excuse for doing a poor job when it's what you trained for. And when I say "poor job", I'm talking about below industry standard for the current price point.

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