iAX Review: “Date Warp” (PC)

iAX: "As an indie visual novel gamer, I take pride in being able to play a variety of games brought forth by the creative community. This time, I had the opportunity to play through Hanako Games‘ Date Warp. Want to find out how Date Warp stacks up against the rest? Read on to find out.

Date Warp’s title is fairly explanatory. You play as Janet, a young woman who goes on her first date with Bradley. Just as the title might hint at, your date goes horribly wrong. First there’s a downpour of rain, and next your date’s car breaks down. Soaking wet, the pair makes it to a mysterious mansion for shelter. However, it turns out that a group mysterious men who are also inside the mansion are hiding something from you. Janet will soon discover what exactly is the mystery behind them and the mansion."

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