SarcasticGamer - The PSVita, Love, Hate and I

SarcasticGamer - Alright, we’ll be fair. Despite the amount of scepticism we’ve rained down on the PS Vita since it was launched, Sony made pretty clear at Eurogamer Expo that they’re serious about making this thing a success. The new handheld was given its first public UK airing at the Expo today and between seeing the presentation and holding the device for myself, I’m finding it difficult to keep being mean.

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jujubee882407d ago

I start envying people who get their hands on the PS Vita. More and more. XD

gogospeedracer2406d ago

I always step back from articles like this. I want to see it for myself. I don't really trust the words of others. There is simply too much bias out there.

jujubee882406d ago

That is the key to being happy. :)

gogospeedracer2406d ago

More trusting of just any article on N4G? Haha :-)

jujubee882406d ago

My statement made you laugh. I am happy. :)

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Muffins12232406d ago

Im amazed how people are buying 3ds when this is coming out...

UltraVegito2406d ago

ikr?I'm Saving up to get the great games coming to the vita :D the 3ds will have to wait a bit.

kramun2406d ago

Well if your simple little brain can't understand it I'll tell you why -

The 3ds is out now, and the Vita isn't. Some people also like games made by Nintendo which is why they bought the handheld made by Nintendo.

There you go, hope that helped.

smashcrashbash2406d ago

Games cost about $40.00 right? I think that is a reasonable price for such good looking deep games like Gravity Daze

Ddouble2406d ago

Dragon's crown is up for preorder on Amazon at $29.99.

So i'm guessing most games will be between 30 and 40.

TheLastGuardian2405d ago

I guess retail games will cost $30 - $40 and games bought digitally will be anywhere from $1 - $40.

jaredhart2406d ago

The Vita looks like it's going to be great. Still need convincing to get a handheld system.

Ghost1072406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Portable gaming sucks, if you are out doors or away from home why would you even be thinking of playing games. There must be a reason why you are outside or away in the first place, why would gaming even come into it.

Portable gaming is for kids , grown ups read when they are away from home. When I am away from home it means I've got people to see or work to be done. WTF is wrong with people pulling out a gaming device out doors, can't you do without your silly game until you get home?, like a drug addict who needs a hit to calm down.

Ddouble2406d ago

A lot of people have long journeys on the Bus or Train to work or school each day and trust me that's one of the best times to play a handheld because time flies by.

LANC3R2406d ago

"can't you do without your silly game until you get home?"


cpayne932406d ago

Well if you have time to read you have time to play a game. What's wrong with you? Did portable gaming kill your dog or something?

gumchewinasskikr2405d ago

I don't think Ghost though his comment through before posting it. LOL

Long trips, in airplane, bus, train. On vacation for downtime, long waits at Doctor's office, at friends house when someone is already using the tv console, are only several of many reasons why someone would use one away from home.

f7897902404d ago

Yeah I could read but doing that for 3 hours every day between classes will kill all reading material for me. I would love to have the Vita to play with every day.

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