G4TV Gears of War 3 Streaming Live

From 1pm PST to 2:30pm PST G4TV is streaming Donell and Nikole playing Gears of War 3 live. Check out the stream below. Embedding may not be working so just click the youtube link and watch it there.

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GamerSciz2248d ago

FYI it's already 2:30 but they just started Horde mode or are about to. So it is still going!

gogospeedracer2248d ago

Why would I watch them play when I can play the game?

GamerSciz2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

Because if you got in soon enough you could join in on playing with them live. That was the reason for posting it. Not just to watch them. They were inviting the first 99 friends to play with them.

It's over now but they will have the video archived if you want to watch it at a later time.