5 Things that Dead Island did Seriously wrong

If Gearbox has shown us anything, games with long development periods don’t just incubate and become masterpieces. Dead Island is no exception to this golden rule. Techland spent 5 years working on Dead Island, since it’s initial reveal after E3 2006. This being their only notable game release, other than the Call of Juarez series. What Dead Island attempted to be was, more or less best Survival-Horror game ever. The game was delivered to audiences with a very moving trailer, which got the hype going rather high for the game. After finally getting a chance to play it, with its September 6th release, I can say that Dead Island makes a decent effort towards its goal. It is both a fun and satisfying zombies slaying experience. However, as many reports are being written, and an inconsistent stream of reviews shoot out of online communities, the issues that kept Dead Island from being something much bigger.

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strange19862553d ago

6. The save system is jacked up. I want to manually save dammit!